The room fetish : the artisan’s workshop of André Gas

LIFESTYLE/DECO – With his son Olivier and his daughter Mary, the founder of Sam Jewelry manufactures its creations in a small family workshop on the heights of Marseille.

You are often in your shop ?

I am the first and the last all day, even on Sunday. Also, on the weekend, it is a paradise here, because I am alone.

Could you consider moving ?

The staff of our workshop expands a little more, if we were a normal company, we déménagerions to have more space, but it would lose the magic. This place is located on a rock, it dominates, it feels good. I really believe the locations of the earthquakes.

Your favourite piece ?

It is a little bit everywhere. More it is high, the better it is. I like a lot to position myself between my craftsmen, under the veranda, I can see everything that happens.

A time of the day ?

The shot of juice the end of the day, that comes to 16: 15 and ends at 17 hours. This is the time when we prepare the parcel with the production of the day. I control every piece of jewellery that hand, and when the packages go, this is the comprehensive release. I am emptied.

The staff of this workshop ?

The composition of the people doing theworkshop, it is a society like the world. It might be more productive, more efficient, but above all, I want that my employees feel at home.

The longer the time spent in the workshop ?

All of the days. I’m there from 7: 30 to 22: 30. When the people are gone, I excites me, I turn, I look, I lift the trays. For me, this is not a very strenuous job, it is a work of presence.

The jewel, you come up with it how ?

In life, it is necessary to have a lot of luck, may also be the cause. With a piece of metal, I made a butt cuff, and then I sold it.

Artisan or artist ?

For years I was a craftsman. But you can say that I am an artistic profession. It would be necessary to find the word perfect between the two.

Transmit, does it mean anything to you ?

It is a worry I have every day because it’s not going to be easy… I know that the day where I will no longer be here, my business will be different. I have already forwarded, but I am looking for my double, man or woman, and this is not obvious.

The work, is it ?

Health. It is easy to say because my work appeals to me. But I think that it stimulates the cells. Solving the problems every day helps exercise the memory, the creativity. If I let myself go with nothing to do, it is dangerous. I can become the king of the slackers and get into the little death.

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