Queen Margrethe II is “very interested” to meet Emmanuel Macron

Rather than bringing the French journalists in Denmark, queen Margrethe II has invited them, as well as their counterparts in the danes, in his wine property in the Lot. The monarch took advantage of his vacation in his castle of Cayx, located near Cahors, to hold a press conference, this Thursday, August 16, 2018. It had the theme: the State visit to Denmark by Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte. Which is scheduled for August 28 and 29 next.

The Court Danish clarified that it was only the second State visit of a French president to Denmark since the beginning of the reign of queen Margrethe II in 1972. The first was that of president François Mitterrand in 1982.


Queen Margrethe II has heard a lot about Emmanuel Macron

Relating the words of the sovereign during the interview with the media, France Blue Occitania pointed out that it had said, in perfect French: “I have known all the heads of the French State. I find it quite interesting to meet Mr. Macron which I’ve heard a lot about”. Margrethe, who ascended the throne in 31 years, would have slipped mischievously in stride: “This also proves that one can lead a country at any age”. A “Hurry up”, she confided: “I find it interesting and impressive the way it was to invest the responsibility of president of the Republic. I think it is inspiring for the French to see that a young man can do it”.

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