The release of “City of Lies” cancelled : the fault of the legal troubles of Johnny Depp ?

Johnny Depp will not be (immediately) returned to the screens. While he has not been to a movie since “The Crime of the Orient-Express”, in November 2017, the actor had to come back with “City of Lies”, Brad Furman, on September 7, 2018. A feature film about the murder of rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious B. I. G. in the 90’s. Only the output of the thriller has been delayed. Indefinitely. According to information from the magazine “Variety“, the distributor of Global Road Entertainment has announced the cancellation of the release of the film, not giving any other alternative date. If it does not specify the reasons for this decision, it may be related to legal problems of Johnny Depp.

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In fact, this announcement comes a month after the commissioner Greg Brooks has accused Johnny Depp of violence. In July, Greg Brooks filed a complaint against the actor, claiming that he had hit him in the face two times. He added that he had been fired when he refused to sign a document that he had submitted the director and producers, the undertaking not to prosecute Johnny Depp. “With the climate that prevails around him, in this moment, the studio has decided to wait until the situation improves or resolves to take out the film,” says a source close to the production “IndieWire“. The film could therefore be out before the end of the year. Just after the release of the sequel of “Fantastic Animals”, with Johnny Depp.

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Johnny Debt

Since his split with Amber Heard in may 2016, with Johnny Depp lives a real hell. He was first accused by his ex-wife of domestic violence, before an agreement to $ 7 million will be found with the actress. It has then been dragged to court by his managers that he demanded $ 5 million (the actor demanded $ 25 million to “fraud, mismanagement and fraud”). It was even sued by his body guards, denouncing her behaviour. As many court cases that would have ruined the actor, who is no longer recipe.

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