The normal life of Katie Holmes

“I have a very normal life,” said Katie Holmes in 2015 in an interview with the magazine “Ocean Drive“. Hard to imagine the actress, married to Tom Cruise for six years, have an average life. And yet. Since her divorce in 2012, she traded in private jet travel for the trips in the new york subway system. Propelled to stardom when she was only 20 years thanks to the series “Dawson”, Katie Holmes has had a lavish lifestyle for several years. All the more so when she married one of the most sought-after Hollywood. But since her divorce, she leads a simple life.

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While she lives in New York with her daughter Suri, Katie Holmes has no private driver, but takes the subway to his movements. And like everyone else, she reads a book or pianote on the phone between the stations. The actress does not appeal to a dogsitter, but walks her own dogs. And like everyone else, she goes to the park by jogging. It does not use a stylist but makes shopping with her daughter Suri. And like everyone else, she dresses with the brands of ready-to-wear (like Gap). Katie Holmes lives far away shots in hollywood.

A “normal childhood” for Suri

The interpreter of Joey Potter in “Dawson city” wants a “normal childhood” for her daughter Suri. If during its first years, the young girl was rotten spoiled by her parents (she asked for cupcakes for breakfast, she asked his private driver to bring in one toy store favorite, she was turning her guitar teacher for “disputes creative”), things have changed. Suri Cruise is tamer. And Katie Holmes has changed his way of teaching : “I try to do my best. I am grateful for the education that gave me my parents. I am trying to mimic with my little angel,” said she in the Today Show on NBC in 2014.

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