Labour threatens to oust Boris Johnson as PM with a no-confidence vote

LABOUR is threatening to try to oust Boris Johnson from power with a no-confidence vote.

Diane Abbott said the party is in talks with the Lib Dems and SNP on striking against Mr Johnson, who has been PM for less than a month.

The Shadow Home Secretary confirmed Labour is in talks with the Lib Dems and SNP
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Labour is hell-bent on thwarting his vow to take Britain out of Europe “do or die” on October 31.

Shadow Home Secretary Ms Abbott told the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme: “It’s above my pay grade to say when we’ll move the vote.

“But who has confidence in Boris Johnson apart from people around him?

She added: “We are talking to all of the other parties in Parliament and if we move for a vote of no confidence we’ll want to do it with confidence that we can win it.”

Opposition MPs and rebel plotters are in talks to hold the vote quickly after MPs return from their summer holidays on September 3.

The PM’s aides believe that, even if he loses such a vote, he could stay in power long enough to deliver Brexit before an election.



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