Labour will not try to bring down Theresa May’s Government until after Brexit deal has been voted on by MPs

LABOUR won’t try and bring down Theresa May’s Government until after she brings her Brexit deal back to the Commons – a Shadow Minister said.

Andrew Gwynne, Shadow Communities Secretary, risked infuriating his own backbenchers by confirming the party would almost certainly wait until the New Year despite the chaos in Tory ranks.

PA:Press Association

Labour Andrew Gwynne said they cannot move until they know if Parliament supports May’s deal[/caption]

Labour sources insist there is little prospect of winning a No Confidence vote unless the DUP side with them.

Mr Gwynne said: “We can’t move to the next stage until Parliament has decided whether not to back the Prime Minister’s deal.

“Because we want to make sure that parliament has its say on what is a catastrophically bad deal for this country.”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn yesterday snapped “you’ll hear the news when I announce it” when he was challenged why the party was waiting so long to move.

He was doorstepped on the way into a meeting on poverty.



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