Lad downs 22 pints in front of giggling pals on his 22nd birthday… and one for luck

A LAD was filmed downing 22 pints at the pub for his 22nd birthday – plus another one for luck.

He completed the obscene challenge in front of a group of mates laughing and encouraging him.

This lad downed 22 pints to celebrate his 22nd birthday – plus one for luck
He’s welcomed back to the table by applause when he decides to sink a 23rd pint

Showing his dedication to the cause, the bloke even donned different items of clothing for each pint to prove each one was new.

And by the end, he appears with his shirt off, exposing his belly to the whole pub – and takes one pint on blindfolded.

The video, filmed by one of the birthday boy’s mates and posted to Snapchat, included captions to countdown the 22 pints he was set to drink.

But once he’d downed the intended 22 – pouring each one down his gullet with incredible speed – he even sat down to have a bonus pint for the road after being clapped back to the table by his mates for an encore.

By the look of the video the birthday boy appears to be drinking ale, which has an average of 200 calories – meaning he consumed around 4,600 calories in total.

Drinking even half that number of beers would be too much for most people – with a combined total of 46 units of alcohol.

The recommended units of alcohol per week is 14 – equivalent to six pints of beer of seven glasses of wine.

Drinking the levels of alcohol seen in this video is not recommended and could lead to severe health problems. Please visit the NHS website for more details on alcohol abuse.

He pulls his shirt over his head for his 20th pint
And even does his 15th and 16th pints as a double

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