Lad thought he was just hungover until he sees viral video of random attack

A MAN who woke up thinking he had horrendous hangover had in fact been punched in the face by a stranger, it was reported.

The 22-year-old had no idea what had happened to him during the night out in the city of Stavanger, Norway and assumed his sore head was due to alcohol.

The victim being punched in the face in the seemingly random attack
The 22-year-old lying on the pavement after being hit

It was only until he was shown the video a week later that he was realised what had happened when friends showed him video of the attack.

The disturbing footage shows the suspect approaching the victim on street outside a 7-11 convenience store and saying something to him.

The attacker then punches the victim, who then collapses on the pavement.

Some people help him get to his feet and he tries to sit down before staggering about and then walking off into to the night.

The man’s father then contacted local police after seeing the footage and they are trying to track down the perpetrator.

“My son didn’t know he was knocked down until yesterday,” the man’s father told

He explained his son had been vomiting, which he never does when he’s drunk, and unable to do anything at work as a result of his headache.

His son didn’t recognise his assailant and he thinks his son might have been the victim of a social media crazy involving youngsters punch random strangers, he told NRK.

The man said he has received tip-offs about who might be responsible.

Local police told NRK they are investigating the incident and said it appeared the incident was staged.

Some of his friends try to help him after the attack

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