Laetitia Casta, the “passion organized” of her husband, Louis Garrel

In 2019, Laetitia Casta will be the poster of “The faithful Man”. A film directed by her husband, Louis Garrel. The actress plays Marianne, a woman who leaves Abel (played by the director himself) for Paul, his best friend and father of her unborn child. Eight years later, Paul dies and Abel returns with Marianne. Exciting the jealousy of the son of Marianne and sister of Paul, secretly in love with Abel since his childhood. If Laetitia Casta has agreed to turn with Louis Garrel, it’s because she enjoys his work. “I had liked his first film, “The Two Friends” ‘ says the actress in an interview with the magazine “Grazia“. “There’s an energy in what he does, something powerful, a kind of passion, organized. [Laughs] This film, this is yet another step, it is more mature, more profound as to what it tells of life.”

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“I am void, to tell my private life”

“Turn with her husband, is it a constraint ?”, then asks the reporter. What Laetitia Casta responds : “Honestly, this is a chance to create together. It is also a path : it starts in savannah, and we don’t know what that’s going to fall over. One is to notch !” But, as a feminist, the actress admits that she’s “redoutai[t] the most is what is happening now, and will happen dozens of times”, that is, the questions about her relationship. “This is the part that interests me the least because I am void, to tell my private life,” says Laetitia Casta. “As soon as I arrived on the plateau, positioned myself as an actress directed by a stage director. It was very important for me, to get me respect as a woman and also vis-à-vis the technical team.” The question of the place and the respect of women is important to her, “since always”.

Laetitia Casta says : “I have an empathy for the same sex. Maybe it comes from the women of my family, of course that have been experienced, stories that have been told. And this energy that I have, that urge to defend, I think it is important to do something about it.” She is “extremely optimistic” for the future of women, and is sure that things will change with the movement #MeToo and the release of the speech of women. “I look forward to see what will happen to the women now. Surely something very strong in the political environment, artistic. Many say that this is going to be running out of steam, fall back.” Not it. Also, she does not hesitate to defend his beliefs feminists, regardless of the time. When asked about his age in particular.

To impose On the women of the behaviors that are formatted

“I am excited at the idea ofbeing 40 years of age. But the age does not change anything : I’m more sure of myself on some things, less on others,” says Laetitia Casta. Before adding : “It is interesting, this question, because it leads me to talk about a subject that I find important : one never speaks of his age to a man. He never asks what it’s like to be a father, if it brought something in her work. For a woman, to have children, it is as if we required it to wear everything as if it was the only sex whose life is turned upside down, which is entirely false. Age has little importance in the job : I could be 40 years old and 15 years old in my head or the reverse. To impose On the women of the behaviors are formatted. And if they do not reproduce these schema, one has the impression of having missed his life.”

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