Lamar Jackson Immortalizes Iconic Play In $100,000 Diamond Chain

Lamar Jackson Immortalizes Iconic Play … In $100,000 Diamond Chain!!

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Ever made a play so dope on the football field you just HAD to have it immortalized in a $100,000 chain?!

No?? Well, Lamar Jackson has … and he just got the bling done — and it’s possibly the sickest piece in the NFL.

Remember … L.J. made one of the most memorable runs in college football history — HURDLING a guy back in his sophomore season at Louisville and scoring a wild touchdown on the play.

[embedded content]

It was insane … and it ultimately helped him win the Heisman Trophy that season.

Soooo … after Lamar got drafted in the first round by the Baltimore Ravens this spring — he had enough cash to make sure he’d never forget it.

Jackson hit up Stacks Customs Jewelry in Miami … and they got to work on the drip.

We’re told the chain is 285 grams of gold with a one-of-a-kind squared Cuban link that’s only made by Stacks Customs.

We’re also told the pendant is 257 grams of gold with 25 ctw/carats of VVS quality stones.

When all was said and done, it took about three weeks to make … and, yeah, it cost $100k!!

Big blow to the wallet … but nobody said this level of flossin’ was cheap.


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