The call of pope Francis for the defence of the Oceans

Pope Francis launched Saturday a call for the defence of the oceans, which are threatened by the invasion of the plastic, and in favour of the right to safe drinking water for all. “We can’t allow that seas and oceans cover scopes inert floating plastic”, the pope said the argentine in a message on the occasion of the “Fourth Day of prayer for creation”.

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“Both efforts, unfortunately, are reduced to nothing by a lack of regulation and effective controls, especially in regard to the protection of marine areas beyond national territories,” said Jorge Bergoglio, for that it is essential to act “as if everything depended on us”.

A social debt towards the poor

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Similarly, it is essential to enable all people to have access to safe drinking water, ” said the pope in this speech, delivered before the business men received at the Vatican. “This world has a serious social debt toward the poor, who do not have access to safe drinking water, because it is denying them the right to life, rooted in their inalienable dignity”, he stressed.

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