Larry Fitzgerald Speaks at John McCain’s Memorial Service

Larry Fitzgerald Touching Tribute to John McCain … at Memorial Service

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Larry Fitzgerald just gave an emotional speech in front of John McCain‘s friends and family at his memorial service … detailing his unique friendship with the late senator.

The Arizona Cardinals superstar — who grew close to McCain since he joined the NFL in 2004 — says it was an unlikely pairing … but that’s what made it so special.

“Many people might wonder what a young, African-American kid from Minnesota and a highly-decorated Vietnam War hero-turned-United States senator might have in common … Well, I thought of a few,”  Fitzgertald said in front of the huge crowd at North Phoenix Baptist Church on Thursday.

“I’m Black … he was white. I’m young … he wasn’t so young.”

“He lived with physical limitations brought on by war … I’m a professional athlete.”

“He ran for president … I run out of bounds.”

He was the epitome of toughness … and I do everything I can to avoid contact.”

“I have flowing locks and well … he didn’t”

Fitzgerald explains the odd pairing isn’t really all that odd if you got to know McCain over the years … “That’s just who he is.”

“I’m thankful that through these moments, the opportunity that we had to share our lives, and more importantly, our stories. While from very different worlds, we developed a meaningful friendship.”


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