Asia, new deal of the infrastructure investment

In just 10 years the weight of the asian economy in the global GDP has gained 10 points. A health insolent, who should confirm, according to the monetary bank in the region in 2018, with the dynamism of the asian Tigers (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Viet Nam and the Philippines).

However, Asia is facing a considerable budgetary deficit, the countries are seeking new solutions in order to finance their projects.

And if the response from the infrastructure ? Engaged in a dynamic of gradual convergence may be achieved in particular by the development of infrastructure physical and financial, Asia contains an untapped potential for foreign investors.

Asie, nouvelle donne de l’investissement infrastructurelThomasLloyd is a player in the development and financing of infrastructure projects in Asia. Check out a few tracks of explorations in order to seize the potential of this region of the globe.

The government say ” Yes ” to foreign investors

In 2017, the analysis of the Asian Development Bank was not subject to appeal. The infrastructure needs of developing countries in Asia and the pacific will exceed $ 22 billion by 2030.

On the occasion of the publication of the report “Meeting Asia’s Infrastructure Needs” Takehiko Nakao, President of ADB said that ” the demand for infrastructure exceeds by far the current supply in Asia and the Pacific “. Can we speak of a call to foreign investors ? Yes, certainly.

The infrastructure sector, a field of possibilities unlimited

Add to that the diversity of financing needs is at the height of their amounts. To cover the development of infrastructure in the sectors of electricity, public services, social infrastructure, transport and telecommunications, the governments of several countries have strongly change the vision, they want to resort increasingly to financing solutions alternatives.

Infrastructure projects structuring in Asia

The implementation of large infrastructure projects such as the chinese project of “new silk road” (” Belt and Road Initiatives” ) are true indicators of trust are sent to the markets, the blurring for Mr. Juzhong Zhuang deputy chief economist of the Adb, the uncertainties generated by trade tensions with the United States.

Among the other projects reveal the potential of Asia in terms of infrastructure investments, for example, the project of Solar power plant based in the Philippines near San Carlos.

ThomasLloyd group is a group of investment and comprehensive advice, specialised in infrastructure projects in Asia and currently with one of the top investors and financiers in this sector of the market. Our teams have participated in the development, financing, production and sales of the project. Why speak of Sacasol ? It is a pioneering project on the territory of the philippines, this many titles.

It is the first and the largest solar plant in the region. In addition, it has benefited from the first bank financing for a solar project, and the first transaction M&A (merger & acquisition) in the market sector of renewable energy in the Philippines.

To take advantage of the potential of asia, the infrastructure sector is proving to be a winning bet. By relying on a network of local partners and specialists, including the economic ecosystem, policy and regulatory, you will collect all the requirements for success.

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