Laura Ingraham Target also legal immigrants in Off-The-Rails Rant

Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Wednesday regretted the demographic change in America due to immigration – including the arrival of legal immigrants.

“In some parts of the country, it seems like America we know and love no longer,” she complained to “The Ingraham Angle”.

She also condemned “massive demographic changes” that have been “foisted” on Americans.

Ingraham had previously discussed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and mentioned the recent comments of the Democratic Congressional candidate on the United States change. But while Ocasio-Cortez talked about changing economic realities for workers and middle class Americans, Ingraham used these remarks as a springboard for her immigrant rival:

Yet [Ocasio-Cortez] is kind of right in general. Because in some parts of the country, America seems to exist and does not exist anymore. Massive demographic changes have occurred in the American people. And they are changes that neither of us ever voted for, and most of us do not like. From Virginia to California, we see strong examples of how radically somehow the country has changed. Now much of this is related to both illegal and sometimes declining legal immigration that of course continues love.

The President can be so convincing, so give us the whole truth, Mr President, the good, the bad, and yes, the uncomfortable. This is a national emergency and he has to demand that Congress now act. There is something going away in this country and it’s not about race or ethnicity. It was once a common understanding of both parties that American citizenship is a privilege, and that at least requires respect for the rule of law and loyalty to our constitution.

Her full comments are available here.

Ingraham’s complaint against single legal immigrants did not go well on Twitter:

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