Laura Smet : “family dinner” with Charles Aznavour

Charles Aznavour had a special relationship with Johnny Hallyday. It was his advisor, his friend, and a little of his father. It is in any case described in Laura Smet on Instagram. The daughter of the Taulier has published a photo of her with Charles Aznavour commenting simply : “The spiritual father of my father”. And while the singer is sitting at the table alongside the daughter of Johnny, she adds : “family Dinner”.

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Charles Aznavour and Johnny Hallyday, the life of “Bohemian”

A member of his family, this is indeed what was Johnny Hallyday to Charles Aznavour, and vice versa. The interpreter of “Take me” had also hosted the young singer in the early 60’s, so “Bohemian” : “My sister played the piano, he played guitar, it was humming together,” remembered Charles Aznavour in the show “Tea or Coffee” on France 2 a few weeks after the death of Johnny.

Charles Aznavour has also helped Johnny to take off his career, giving him advice. “I gave him the advice to say that it had not been raised in a ranch as we talked, I told him “You are going to say that it is your record company who wanted to do it”, I gave him the board to do his military service, I gave him the advice to sing songs also for older people,” said the singer. And he wrote one of his hit songs : “Remember the night”.

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