Laura Smet : his rant against the abandonment of animals during the summer

Each year, about 100, 000 animals are left on the edge of roads, which represents an abandonment of every five minutes. On these 100,000 individuals, 40% are abandoned in the summer period. “Every summer, we have the same problem, but this year it is even worse. We host currently 650 dogs and 900 cats, or 1 550 animals in all,” said the “Paris” Nicolas Dumas, deputy director general for animal protection of the SPA, recalling, in passing, that the capacity of the shelters turned “around 1 300 animals.” An alarming situation, which has to react, Laura Smet. Currently on vacation in Greece, the daughter of Johnny Hallyday has taken the time to share on his account Instagram a long text to denounce these abandonment issues too recurring.

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“When we decide to take an animal is not abandoned”

In this position, the daughter of the Taulier begins by speaking of his dog Chaplin, who has “saved her life” when she was going through a difficult time. “She continues every day to fill me with happiness. This is my best friend, my twin, even,” writes the young woman before and then launch into a violent rant against the authors of these drop. “When we decide to take an animal is not abandoned. It is a real responsibility, ( … ), I am outraged and sad from this. An animal does not ask us just to love. How can they do this ? They need us and we also” take it Laura Smet, obviously very affected by the plight of animals. At the end of his text, the actress encourages fans to “spin” his message to make people aware of this problem. In comments, several readers have praised the young woman for its publication and of its position.

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