The buzz of the week : 4 recipes of pies flag !

Why not take advantage of the Football world Cup to put your creativity to good use and make beautiful desserts original drawing of the flags of the nations competing ? It is easy, fun, and sportingly correct ! On your marks, ready, suffer !

ll will not have escaped you that in the last few weeks we live in, whether they like it or not the football, the rhythm of the football world Cup ! Then not to be outdone in the face of this onslaught, I suggest you to support the teams as semi-finalists, making beautiful pies with the colors of the flag of each team ! May the best win !

Pie flag France

Tarte drapeau France

Go the Blues ! Let’s be a bit chauvinistic, the Blues deserves all the same, and let’s start with the tricolour flag of our good old France. A delicious whipped cream based on mascarpone cheese and cream, cookie dough, blueberries, raspberries and the turn is played, the more quickly that a mid-time ! You’re ready to go to support the team of France of football ! This pie will also make sensation on your table for the 14th of July for national day !

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Pie England flag

Tarte drapeau Angleterre

This is not the flag of Switzerland (a white cross on a red background) or the Red Cross but simply the flag of England. Rare are those who can claim to know it… because a lot confuse it with the Union Jack or Union Flag, the flag of the United Kingdom (the country that brings together England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland). Stop there this geography lesson before the indigestion and savor this grandiose pie cheesecake lemon, adorned with succulent raspberries. It is still the season of berries and red fruit, then enjoy !

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Pie flag Belgium

Tarte drapeau Belgiquea

A pie totally inspired by the flag of our dear neighbours and belgian friends who will salivate all addicted to the mixture of chocolate fruit ! The belgian motto is “union is strength” we have adapted to our taste : the union of chocolate and fruit we tantalizes the palate ! And congratulations to the red Devils to the quarter-final match against Brazil !

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Pie flag Croatia

Tarte drapeau Croatie

Still a tri-color flag, but with a coat of arms in the centre… of Course this increases a little the difficulty, but also makes the pie more tasty ! A shortbread dough with a pastry cream with vanilla and fruits for a treat for the pupils before the taste buds ! Congratulations to the team of Flamboyant of this beautiful country of 4 million people to be placed in the Great court !

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4 délicieuses recettes de tartes drapeau

Article published by Marie-Laure Tombini

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