Calvary Alexander Benallaoua, near-namesake of a former adviser to the Elysee

Insults, threats… since the scandal Benalla broke out, the life of Alexander Benallaoua, a toulouse 41-year-old almost-namesake of the former adviser to the Elysee, has become a hell, said Friday to AFP his lawyer. A complaint was filed on Thursday at the tribunal de grande instance, Paris, to insults, said to Me, Arash Derambarsh, counsel for the collateral victims of the folder.

Both were born in Evreux

Same place of birth, Évreux (Eure), the port of the beard: the confusion between Alexander Benalla and Alexander Benallaoua is maintained by the algorithm a social network, which also refers to the second when you type the name of the first.

Result: since the case broke out, Alexander Benallaoua, job seeker, saw it as “a calvary”. He has received hundreds of threats, insults, sometimes characters are homophobic, according to Me Derambarsh. He even sometimes receives messages endorsing what he is supposed to have done, ” added the lawyer, warning that “any new injury would be the subject of a new complaint”.

Alexander Benalla, dismissed from his post of adviser to the Elysée palace, has been indicted for “violence in a meeting” after he was filmed hitting and manhandling protesters. It was also indicted for “interference in the exercise of a public function”, “public port, and without the right badges-regulated”, “concealment of misappropriation of images from a system of video-protection” and “concealment of breach of professional secrecy”.

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