The clash Booba/Kaaris inspires Cyril Hanouna in its war against Yann Barthes

The fight between Booba and Kaaris at the airport of Orly has inspired many jokes on the social networks. Vianney, or Michaël Youn had mocked the clash between the two French rappers. On Monday, it is Cyril Hanouna, who has added his stone to the edifice on Twitter. In the company of two bodyguards Youssef and Diego, the host of “Key not at my post” took the pose, the face is closed, pull Mickey on the back : “It is at the airport as a team! You never know if there is a team (Laurent Romejko, who wants us confused! Don’t worry Laurent, we will not have to type it wants from the darka! It is of the gentiles,” he joked to bounce on the matter Booba/Kaaris.

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In a second tweet, the presenter has started a small picnic to one of its greatest enemies, Yann Barthes. “Hey it’s ken! It has crossed the team Barthes they want to attack us with M&M’s! It is rassrah (anxious) we want no stories,” he added, still in a tone of humor.

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Even on vacation, Cyril Hanouna don’t miss an opportunity to boost the guéguerre against Yann Barthes. The two men do not value, and this is not a secret. In an interview with “Parisian”at the end of June, the presenter of C8 had been told the origins of his rocky relationship with the host of “Daily”. According to him, it is the journalist who “started the hostilities” in calling his viewers of the “beaufs without a brain”. A mockery that his fans nicknamed “Baba” finds “intolerable”. “Barthes is not my friend, it never will, had it insured. We do not come from the same environment”.

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