The cosplay (very) sexy Paris Jackson at Comic-Con

Paris Jackson, star “peace and love”. The daughter of the king of pop is known for her looks hippies, its inspirational mantras buddhist and his activism for peace. Yet, she is a fan of video games, characterised by their brutal violence : Mortal Kombat. Proof : it is disguised as Sonya Blade, the first female character of the series of video games, to going to Comic-Con in San Diego, California, Saturday, July 21.

Paris Jackson wore a set of military khaki colour very neckline (revealing her many tattoos) with knee pads and gloves are black. She had the insignia of a Lieutenant of the Special Forces on the chest. And the daughter of Michael Jackson even had a gun to complete his costume. On Instagram, she proudly displayed her cosplay, posting several photos of her, including one where she lèchait the barrel of his revolver. The young woman of 20 years looked to Sonya Blade.

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From activist to actress

Paris Jackson proves that she is able to slip into the skin of a character. She has also just gained his first film role, has revealed Deadline. She will play in “The Space Between”, an independent film about the world of music in the 90s. Paris Jackson’s interpretation of the girlfriend of an employee of the record company, played by Jackson White. She already had small roles in the series “Stars” and “Gringo”.

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  1. How can some of these comments condone violence to women. No matter what the circumstances may or may not have been, violating a woman physically is nothing but a sign of cowardice in a man. Keep strong Gillian and get your life back without him.

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