The blanket sun

Give your baby a sun stitched into the fabric velvet, to play and make noise, thanks to the bells and the paper rustling hidden inside.

Dimension : ø 20 cm (rays included)

The material

50 x 40 cm terry cloth velour yellow (
Fall felt-thick, red
Sewing thread yellow, black and red
Bell, ø 2.5 cm (
40 x 30 cm paper rustling (
20 x 20 cm self adhesive (Vlieseline ref. S 250)
Erasable marker, scissors, pins, measuring tape flexible
Sewing Machine, iron


Preparation and cutting
Photocopy, enlarge the pattern and pin it on the underside of the fabric :
Terry velvet : Cut 2 x the body of the sun + 1 cm hem and 24 x-Ray (triangle) + 1 cm hem.
Canvas fusible : 12 x-Ray (without hem)
Felt red : 2 x Plays (without hem)
Plastic humming : 12 x-Ray (without hem)

Thermocollez the other side of the sun. Draw eyes and mouth on the place and edgestitch with black thread. Pin the cheeks felt and stick them to the red wire, forming a cross.
Stack two pieces of rayon de soleil, place against place and lay a thick plastic rustling above. Pin and sew the sides, leave the bottom edge open. Indenting the tip, turn it over, sliding the tip of the scissors in the corner. Do the same for the other rays.
Pin the spokes evenly around one side of the sun, the points directed inward (open edges to the outside). Poke all the spokes on the rim of the sun.
Place the second side of the sun on top (covering the spokes. Pin and stitch all around leaving an opening of 4 cm. Return.
Fill the sun with the fleece, slide the bells, and then close the opening to the points of dragged.

Excerpt from : Stuffed animals soft sewing, Lena Starke (Ed Glénat creative).
Editorial : Elisabeth Renaudat

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