The son of the hostage Sophie Pétronin hope to go and see it soon in Mali

The son of Sophie Pétronin, Sébastien Chadaud-Pétronin, hoping to go soon in Mali to see his mother, 73-year-old held hostage in this country for more than 20 months, calling for the government to”help in this process”, he said on Wednesday to the AFP.

In a video that appeared in June, the content of which has not been fully made public, hostage to French, a native of Bordeaux, and sends a message “of great distress. She is tired, she is in a desperate state”, and it is addressed to his son, according to the latter, and said to him, “come and see me I need to see you”.

In the same video, it adds to the intention of his son, “if you can and if you want, just spend some time with me I guarantee they will make you anything,” said Sébastien Chadaud-Pétronin.

“It is a kind of truce, white flag, which was lifted to allow me to go see it and I think that is perhaps its survival”, he added.

“I intend to respond to his appeal (…) to spend time with her”, and “I hope that the French government will help me in this process”, he said.

He said without more precision, for the sake of “discretion” and “confidentiality”, dialogue with “a questioner at the Quai d’orsay”, adding: “We are very close to achieve this undertaking, this mission may be an additional step in a process of liberation.”

“Let’s try to get out of here together.”

He stated that he had during the summer break “two telephone exchanges with Jean-Yves Le Drian in person”. “At this stage I have an appointment imminent, which will do maybe on Monday (September 3rd) or Tuesday (4 September) to fix, set up, recognize things and find dates for this visit,” he said.

The son of Sophie Pétronin has reitéré his call for support of the Elysee. “This woman, it turns out that it was my mother and this situation – the fact that it has spent more than 19 months without receiving the visit of a person is unbearable and indecent”, he stressed.

Addressing the president and Emmanuel Macron, he added: “Don’t look behind, do we not blame neither the one nor the other what we would have done wrong or not done enough, let’s find the solutions”, and “try to get out of there all together.”

Sophie Pétronin, including a portrait floats on the Hotel de Region in Bordeaux, has received the support of Alain Rousset, the president of the New-Aquitaine.

Questioned by the press after an exchange behind closed doors with the family of Sophie Pétronin, Mr. Rousset said: “I am confident that Jean-Yves Le Drian, the minister of foreign Affairs. “The fact that I had called while I get the family of Mrs. Pétronin shows its involvement”.

The committee to support the hostage French should publish on the site libé the full video emerged in June, on Thursday, September 6 at 12: 00 noon, his son said.

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