The Lutetia Palace of art and the spirit

Writers and publishers will be able to prepare for the start of the literary. There is even a library of 1,600 books, which smells like paper fresh. The Lutetia relies for its reopening flora literate and elegant, which was frequented from the 1920s by André Gide, Albert Cohen, Alexandra David-Néel… Even general de Gaulle had the good taste to spend his wedding night.

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The Lutetia was built in 1910, at the initiative of the founders of the Bon Marché, to host its reps and its customers. “We have rediscovered a part of the history of this building, and invented the rest “, sums up Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Between Art nouveau and Art deco, the architect is left of the palace of origin. Thus, the fresco country of Adrien Karbowsky, discovered under six layers of paint, dress up today the bar-Josephine – 10-meter bronze and white marble sleek.

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In the same spirit, a former “Fluctuat nec mergitur” ceramic has handed day to the filiation between the Lutetia, Lutèce, the Seine and 1910, the great era of the transatlantic. Jean-Michel Wilmotte has opted for wood as the main material. A eucalyptus warm, painted in the manner of the Riva in the spaces of circulation, and painted in the rooms. The whole is landed, raw, already timeless. And what the Lutetia loses in the rooms – the number of keys has been reduced from 233 to 184 –, he wins in the 17-metre pool, spa, 700 square meters. In light, in space, the two luxuries of a parisian palace.

Another strong point : the art and the artists who have frequented the hotel, from Picasso to Caesar. The Lutetia had its closure 250 works, including some iconic Arman, César, Hiquily or Takis who will join the fairs. The artist Fabrice Hyber has signed the glass roof of the salon Saint-Germain, Jean Le Gac designs the future brasserie Lutetia of the michelin-starred chef from marseille, Gérald Passedat. The liner is ready to dance to the port.

Hotel Lutetia 45 bd Raspail, Paris Life. Tel. : 01 49 54 46 00.

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