The secret marriage of Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams has always been very discreet. Then, for her marriage with musician Phil Elverum, after two years of relationship, she chose to do a private ceremony. With just a few friends, in the Adirondack mountains (mountainous region North of New York city). This is what the actress herself reveals in an interview with the magazine “Vanity Fair” that she made the cover of the month of September. Yet, Michelle Williams had assured before the interview that she communicates no information on his companion, because “the Internet is an asshole”. But rather than wait for the information leak, she wanted to take the lead.

Take the lead, a way to avoid any distortion. And a way for Michelle Williams to evoke the happiness found, ten years after the death of Heath Ledger. “I’ve never given up on love,” says the actress of the series “Dawson”, which had been very affected by the disappearance of the actor. She has had to raise their daughter Matilda alone. “I’ve always said to Matilda, “Your father loved me was that all the world thinks that I had a talent, that I was pretty or that I had nice clothes”.” Her husband, Phil Elverum, has also lost his wife. In 2016, she died of a cancer of the pancreas diagnosed late, leaving him alone with their daughter of 18 months.

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“Someone who loves me”

With Phil Elverum, Michelle Williams has found love. “Of course, I’ve never talked to anyone in a relationship, but Phil is not anyone. And it is worth it”, she says. And to add : “In fact, the way he loves me is the way I want to live my life. I want to be free at every moment. I educate Matilda to be free to be herself, and I finally found someone who loves me and wants me to feel free.” Michelle Williams describes their relationship thus : “sacred and very special”. And it wish all those who have experienced trials such as hers to find the same happiness. His advice : “Don’t ask in a relationship that makes us feel in jail, or that is complicated or that hurts us. If this does not look like love, is not love.

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