The new face is the ass!!!

What happens on Instagram ? Young women no longer take their selfies side, but next to battery, in positions that are curved to fade all the marquis de Sade. Just as cheeky, the Cheeky Feat is to take a picture of themselves butt naked in front of stunning landscapes. There are also all the videos of squats (squats on legs for glutes of steel) or of twerks (dances where we brainstorm frantically in the ass), filmed back-to the camera ; or the game that is to lay a cup on its camber and the return of a clever blow to the kidneys. Of course, this is not a small post that exhibit in front of the 700 million subscribers of the network, but imposing volumes, the “hottentot Venus” ! “This is the first time that we are witnessing in the “mainstream” to such a pornification of the image, “acknowledges Bernard Andrieu, the author of the” Dictionary of the body ” (ed CNRS).

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A phenomenon which questions the full time of refusal of dominant norms and #balancetonporc. “It is the principle of bodily integrity. In order to comply with, these young people will do anything to transform their body to match their own standards “, decrypts the philosopher. And in these standards, the buttocks are an essential. This is ” the ” new part to the mode of the body. Evidenced by the rear end bounced off of the Kardashian, Nicki Minaj or Nabilla (that can not hide her transformation since her surgeon has posted the video of her consultation on the social networks).

Aesthetic surgery of the buttocks explodes

But where does this passion for the bottom ? Brazil, of course!! With the culture growing of the body, the mode of the buttock carioca has won the planet. “This adoration of the hind legs towering is inherited from the african culture where they are considered to be the first bait in the woman. However, in Brazil, we like drops of water, while in Africa, we want them to be as round as moons. If the liposuction is in high demand, this is not to lighten the silhouette, but to redistribute the fat : all about the behind ! It’s never enough is provided ! ” relates Dr. Robin Mookherjee, French plastic surgeon who operates also in Dakar. There, as here, the aesthetic surgery of the buttocks explodes. “Between 2013 and 2018, the number of interventions in France has been multiplied by four !” says Dr. Richards Abs, a pioneer in France.

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In we, the women love the post chubby or athletic (in shape of apples, with a hollow on the sides). If they don’t, they can come in and consult the very young, as early as 25 years (the young men, too !). Otherwise, to the menopause when the tissues begin to give the ballast or after a significant weight loss. The buttocks are the centre of gravity of the body. Then, unlike the breasts, they can bear beautiful volumes !

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