The father of Meghan Markle in desperation, he no longer knows how to attract his attention, since her marriage with prince Harry

While Meghan Markle seems to be very happy alongside prince Harry, she would have ceased all contact with his father.

A terrible sentence ! Well, yes, the meltynautes, if everything seemed to be going well between the former star of Suits, and his father, it all started to deteriorate when he decided to take the floor on live tv without warning the royal family before the interview. Since then, the pretty brunette would have ceased all contact with him. While the half-sister of Meghan Markle admitted that she was enjoying the reputation of the young woman to touch the money, Thomas Markle is again entrusted to the Mail on Sunday : “I am really pained to know that she was completely out of his life. Before, I had a phone number but since I have criticized the Palace, it is finished.”

He continued by revealing : “When I tried to use the number, I discovered that he was no longer assigned. I have no way of contacting my daughter. It is soon her birthday and I wanted to send him a card but if I do, it will certainly be lost in the middle of all the others. It will probably never be. I fear I may never see my future grandchildren and I wonder if it would not be better that I died. At least, the people compatiraient for it. But I hope that we réconcilierons. I would like to review it before you die.” Waiting for more info, Meghan Markle will she be present at the marriage of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas ?

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