The folding of towels in the shape of a sailing

Add a festive touch to your meals of family, with this folding cloth napkin. A beautiful idea of staging to accommodate your guests. You can discover also, the fan-fold.

The material

Towels square cloth (40 cm)
An iron and ironing board
Starch in spray

Step 1
Starch the napkin and place it diagonally on the table, next to place on the bottom (upside down with the hems visible on the top). Fold in two towards the top.

Step 2
Fold the bottom of the towel accordion-style, on about 2/3 of the triangle, parallel to the hem, forming folds 1.5 cm.

 Step 3
Keep a corner of the towel into a triangle non-folded, flat, on the top of the towel.

Step 4
Fold the towel in half, and set it upright by placing the triangle at the rear and by removing a few folds in a symmetrical manner, to stabilize the folding.

Board :
For that the ” veil “, that is to say, the rear triangle stand, think amidonner the cloth napkin prior to folding.
If you use paper towels, make an accordion bigger so that the triangle is smaller.

The choice of towels
The size of the towels must be adapted to the diameter of the plates.
For plates up to 20 cm in diameter, preferably use small cocktail napkins (20 x 20 cm), for plates larger, choose towels from 40 to 60 cm of side.
By measure of hygiene, thoroughly wash your hands before folding the towels, or wear disposable gloves.

Excerpt from the book : The folding of towels, Mareike Grün, photos Roland Krieg, (Ed Saxon).

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© Creation Mareike Grün, photos Roland Krieg / Ed Saxon.
Drafting Elisabeth Renaudat.

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