The port of Sète ready to welcome the Aquarius if Paris gives its agreement

The director of the Port of Sète, the former communist party minister Jean-Claude Gayssot, proposed on Monday to welcome the 141 migrants rescued on Friday by the ship Aquarius off the coast of Libya, “if the French authorities allowed him”, he told AFP.

“The port of Sète is ready to welcome the Aquarius as soon as the French authorities allow it,” he said, adding that “it is the humanitarian dimension that should prevail, it is about saving lives, families”.

On Friday, the ship chartered by the NGO SOS Mediterranean, and Doctors without borders (MSF) has rescued off the coast of Libya 141 people aboard two wooden boats, of which one-half of the miners and more than a third of women, mostly originating from Somalia and Eritrea.

“They will not be able to come without the agreement of the French authorities”

Malta and Italy have refused to host the ship in their ports, according to SOS Mediterranean Monday called the european States to “take their responsibilities”. “We ask all european States to find a solution. They are called to take up their responsibility to find a safe port in the Mediterranean”, said to AFP the president of the NGO SOS Mediterranean, Sophie is Beautiful.

“We have a maritime station, three docks available and we can accommodate these migrants, regardless of the time, but they will not come without the agreement of the French authorities, “insisted Mr. Gayssot.

Jean-Claude Gayssot, the director of the Port of Sète, South of France”, a public institution with regional, has been minister of Transport (1997-2002) in the government of Lionel Jospin. It is also the origin of the Gayssot law against racism, anti-semitism and xenophobia, 1990, adopted when he was an mp.

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