The top trend driving

Naked shoulders, it is the look of the summer ! Easy to sew, this lovely top voile satin is a tank top bordered by a flying ruched beautifully neckline.

The material

1 x 1.45 m sail cotton satin (
Sewing thread to match
1 m elastic, 1cm wide
1 safety pin
Scissors, ruler, pins and a sewing machine
The all-in :


Step 1
Cut 2-fold :50 cm x 30 cm (back and front) and 25 cm x 140 cm (steering wheel). Poke the sides of a rectangle, place against place, then the two ends of the steering wheel. Stitch a hem at the bottom of these pieces.

Step 2
Lay the top flat, Draw the armholes : a curved 13 cm high by 6 cm depth : cut 2 layers at the same time. Hem the armholes.

Step 3
Grab the steering wheel on the top of the top, place the wheel against the back of the dress. The ends are not pinned, match the shoulders. Stitch at 2 cm from the top, leaving an opening.

Step 4
Poke the safety pin in the end of the strap, slide it into the slide through the opening. Sew together the ends of the elastic, and then close the opening.

Creating Coupons de Saint Pierre.
Editorial : Elisabeth Renaudat.

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