The torero French Thomas Joubert seriously injured during a bullfight in Bayonne

The young bullfighter French Thomas Joubert was seriously injured, Saturday, by the end of the day by a bull during a bullfight at Bayonne, and had to be operated in emergency in the evening, learned AFP from the direction of the arena.

The torero of 28 years, a native of Arles, was gored in the thigh, and the femoral artery is hit, during a series of passes of the cape to his first bull of the afternoon, the French breeding Robert Margé, specified to the AFP the director of the arènes de Bayonne, Olivier Baratchart.

His days do not seem to be not in danger

Thomas Joubert has been taken care of and the bleeding stabilized at the infirmary of the bullring before being taken to the clinic Belharra of Bayonne, where he had to be operated on in the early evening, but his days are not in danger, according to the same source. The bullfight has been stopped during a half-hour of the time its support and its transfer.

Joubert, who took the alternative in 2011, occurred at Bayonne, in replacement of his compatriot Juan Leal, himself recently injured in Bilbao. He officiated Saturday at the sides of toreros mexican Sergio Flores, peruvian Joaquin Galdos, Spanish Tomas Campos, Francisco José Espada and Pablo Aguado.

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