League of Legends : the creation of an account to ranked games, the basics for a great start to

After having established itself as a leader in the online game, League of Legends continues to galvanize tens of millions of players around the world. While the MOBA from Riot Games is no longer very far from the decade, some players wish to begin their adventure in Summoner’s Rift. Only dive head first in to League of Legends can be confusing. To guide you, Hitek offers a series of videos from creating an account to access to the classified parts. Short videos and explanatory, which will not fail to give you the resources necessary in order not to lose you in the middle of your party and don’t know what to do. Three videos are planned here is the first, focusing on the first steps of a player and the basics of League of Legends.

These videos are not meant to convey to you the science infuse, but will give you all the cards in their hands to know what to do during your first steps on the Fault. The game remains intuitive and the principle is easy to understand. Defeat your opponent, here is your mission. As to the procedure to follow, the videos will show you the way.

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