Leaving the shackles of the EU is a chance to really kickstart Britain’s economy

Brexit boom

LEAVING the European Union is a chance to kickstart Britain’s economic engine.

We’re fully behind the Government’s not-so-secret plan to get rid of tariffs on thousands of items coming into the UK in the event of No Deal.

Leaving the shackles of the EU is a chance to really kickstart Britain's economy
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Leaving the shackles of the EU is a chance to really kickstart Britain’s economy[/caption]

Even if we strike a deal, our economic policy MUST be focused on playing the biggest possible part we can in global trade. That’s what made Britain great.

At home, the Government — preferably without Philip Hammond anywhere near it — must reboot our regions. The “Towns Fund” is only a start.

Let’s turn some of our old industrial areas into free ports, revitalising the manufacturing economy.

We should experiment with enterprise zones in poorer parts of our biggest cities, similar to that used in London’s Docklands in the 80s, to encourage investment in exciting new technology.

The Government has the opportunity to reboot our regions – especially if Philip Hammond is out of the picture after Brexit
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Slash business rates for the high street to allow it to compete with online rivals, reinvigorating our town centres.

The PM and others have too often seen Brexit as a damage-limitation exercise. It’s that sorry attitude, in large part, that has led us to where we are today.

Actually, it is a chance for us to up our game as a nation, to embrace the free market red in tooth and claw. To reap the benefits it can bring for businesses, consumers and our public services.

Ambition is not a dirty word.

Butter knobs

WHEN did butter and bacon become forbidden fruit?

The offending items are now considered “junk food” and, thanks to Nanny State zealot Sadiq Khan, an advert including them has now been banned from the capital’s Tube network.

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The Mayor of London has banned the advertisement of bacon and butter on the underground[/caption]

Not as if London’s Mayor has anything else to do, with a knife crime crisis on his doorstep…

As Christopher Snowdon argues on this page, successive governments from Blair onwards have done little better.

In a crowded field, the Sugar Tax was George Osborne’s biggest mistake.

And the current Prime Minister has barely announced a single domestic policy that doesn’t involve banning or taxing something. Where will it end?

For five minutes, can the Authorities just trust us to make our own educated decisions about what we eat, what we drink and how we live our lives?

Licence to kill

THE communications regulator Ofcom MUST put the BBC back in its box.

Online, the Beeb’s scandalous subsidised over-reach has cost thousands of rival journalists their jobs, while its “local journalism” has directly led to the closure of dozens of papers.

The licence fee is supposed to fund public-interest journalism.

Yet Auntie’s imperial ambitions are strangling the independent media.



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