The AR claimed the deadly attack on Toronto

The group islamic State (EI) has claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed two people, including a child of 10 years old, on Sunday in Toronto (Canada), said on Wednesday his agency of propaganda. Qama, the propaganda organ of the group, said that the attack had been perpetrated by “one of the soldiers of the AR” which followed the “call to target citizens of the coalition countries” international antijihadistes.

Sunday night in Toronto, a young woman of 18 years and a 10 year old girl were killed and 13 people injured –some seriously– by a man armed 29-year-old identified as Faisal Hussain, a resident of the city. The assailant fired randomly at pedestrians walking on a busy thoroughfare in the Greek quarter of the town, before target of the busy restaurants.

Arrived on the scene quickly, the police opened fire on the man, who was found dead a few moments later in an alley, according to investigators.

According to his family, he suffered since his childhood from “serious mental problems”

According to the family of the perpetrator of the shooting, the accused was suffering from his childhood of “serious mental problems” that he has never been able to overcome even if he took his medication and follow-up therapies.

In December, the canadian authorities had indicated that the country was still under the threat of attack to”violent extremists”, including people from or supporters of the group islamic State (EI). “The main threats are inspired by an ideology of islamist violent terrorist groups”, such as the ARS and Al-Qaeda, which invited “to commit attacks in Canada”, were then the annual report “on the terrorist threat to Canada”. Between 1 January and 14 July 2018, Toronto -the fourth largest city in North America – has experienced 220 shootings that have claimed the lives of 27 people, against 196 shootings and 17 deaths for the entire year in 2017, according to official statistics.

In the Face of this increasing violence by firearms, due mainly to the gang, Toronto police announced a plan providing a reinforcement of some 200 additional police officers.

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