6 beauty tips of the air hostesses to travel by plane

Tip no. 1 : drink plenty of water

With the air conditioning, the air in the cabin is much drier. The consequences of this ? Sensations of tightness and to a strong dehydration of the epidermis , especially on long-haul. To compensate for this loss in water, it is recommended to drink half a litre of water per hour. Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks which will not cover enough of your needs ofhydration.

Tip # 2 : travel démaquillée

It is essential to let your skin breathe and avoid the feelings of discomfort, especially on a long haul. You can travel in full makeup on a shorter flight, provided of spraying a spray of water moisturizer regularly on your face.

Tip # 3 : moisturize her face

Apply a moisturizer on your skin as often as you feel the need to. Also remember to moisturize your lips and your hands. The trick : apply a little balm to the lips to the corner of the nose because this area tends to dry out even more quickly. The more : leave on a mask, moisturizer ten minutes during the flight to quench your skin in water.

Tip # 4 : take care of your eyes

Avoid applying makeup on your eyes and wear lenses for a volume also Remember to slip in your bag and a few bottles of saline to hydrate your eyes if need be.

Tip # 5 : weaving of its length

Before embarking, apply a few drops ofnourishing oil on the lengths and ends and then braiding your lengths. What have the face perfectly clear during the flight while taking care of your hair. Avoid the buns and tails-of-horse, little comfortable if you want to rest your head during the ride.

Tip # 6 : walk regularly

Perform a little walking in the aisles of the plane to stretch your legs all the 1h30/2h. Anything to boost circulation and avoid the feeling of heavy legs. For even more comfort, please do not hesitate to wear compression stockings. Finally, arriving at the destination, spend your your legs and your feet under a jet of cold water.

Thank you to Sarah Prudhomme, hostess of theair-long haul at Air France.

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