The 9 types of scams the Internet that you absolutely must know


When it comes to finding a good plan to earn money, the scammers and the scams that the Internet is not lacking.

Me too for a long time I lived in the world of care bears. I wouldn’t hurt a fly, and I thought the other people were also harmless.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. People are ready to sell you anything by swearing on his honour that it works. Their goal ? Make money on your back. The moral ? They don’t really. They get to sleep at night ? Yes, very probably, and that’s the worst !

I like to differentiate between the scams on the Internet (and the crooks) according to several types, although as you will see by yourself, these categories overlap widely.

Attention : I use the word scam everywhere, even if sometimes, this is not really a scam, but rather a shortcut, which is to silence a few details.

This article was first published in 2014 and updated in June 2018 with information that is more complete and more recent.

“Give me your money : scams of the upfront investment

This is the most common of scams Internet.

What is the principle ? To start earning money, you must first purchase a starter kit or an ebook for example. You are told that everything is explained. Therefore, you will have to shell out the money before you start, and then you just have to implement the method to earn money. This is what it promises, but in reality, you get back rarely in your costs.

It is also likely that as the governed for revenue sharing to work, such as Profits25 : you are first asked to pay 50 euros which supposedly will turn it into 70 euros. Alas, you will discover then that it is not as simple as that…

The scam : a real scam

Worse yet, you already may have received messages that come from a rich heir (or heiress) of a foreign country, more often known for its political instability and financial. This person needs you to save his fortune from his persecutors, and she will reward you, of course, very generous with your help you with leaving a part. The small detail, purely technical, she explains, is that you have to first make a bank transfer to his account so that she can to turn you out his fortune on his account. The following, you already know, no need to make you a drawing…

This actual scam has existed for more than 20 years and continues to mislead people and rob them of sometimes several tens of thousands of euros. You might think that it is too big for you to tombs in the panel ? Maybe, but be careful, however, of the variants a little more credible for this kind of scam named scam (in English, literally, scam), for example, that of the alleged lottery in which you announce that you have won a large sum and you will also be prompted for a transfer in advance.

“You will earn big” : scams money on the Internet

The second family of scams Internet, the ones where they make you believe that you will earn a lot of money… but this will not be the case ! Read emails or respond to paid surveys do you earn never more than 100 or 200 euros per month grand max, contrary to what some of you will encourage them to think about it.

The scammer, meanwhile, will have pocketed a commission through your registration or to your clicks.

“It is 100% reliable, and 0% scam” : scams of the reliability

This scam the Internet is, for example, to claim that such and such a placement on the stock exchange no hounds, no risk, or that a system of online game is mathematically proven and it wins every time.

But where is the evidence ?

An investment in stock market is never without risk ! And a game system that wins all the time would probably have been detected and banned, because it would probably have no purpose other than the laundering of money…

arnaques internet pyramide de Ponzi

Attention, the Ponzi scheme is not as durable as the pyramids of Egypt !

The pyramid, which is growing fast… and eventually collapse

Another scam Internet of the same kind, imagined there is almost 100 years old, completely illegal, it is the one of the internet sites who promise you rates of pay guaranteed so amazing that they should alert you when you automatically. It’s called programs high yield investment (HYIP).

You invested a few thousand euros on this site. You are told that your savings will remain available at any time. When you notice that you will receive every day interest is substantial (it can go up to 5 %… per day !), do you have more tendency to invest even more to withdraw your.

Yes, but what you don’t know may be not, it is because this system is based on the Ponzi scheme : it is with the new investments entrusted that the site pays existing investors… until the day when the flow is no longer growing enough. And it is at this point that the site puts the key under the door and you reverras plus never your money…

“You will win quickly” : scams of the time

This type of scams the Internet is a lot more subtle and hard to detect at first. It is not based on falsehood as such, but rather on an omission of some details.

The scammer fails to tell you that the technique he proposes will ask you a lot of time before you start to yield you money.

For example, you will be encouraged to make the envelope in making you believe that you will earn a MINIMUM wage per month. Yet, the truth is something else : it will ask you the time, lots of time ! You have perhaps not spent a penny, but the gains soon to come. And it, some do not hesitate to say hide. Before you realize it, you have already offered your time and your work to the scammer for a few euro only…

“You don’t need any special knowledge” : scams Internet facility

Here, it is to make you believe that you can earn money without special knowledge : anyone can, supposedly, earn extra, or even become rich, by subscribing to just such a service or by purchasing any also just such a product.

You don’t need skills or talent previously, but the problem is that you need to learn new things in order to start earning really money.

For example, to mount a blog is within the reach of everyone, but you will be forced to acquire solid knowledge in seo, marketing, writing, etc, before being able to withdraw income.

“I’m an expert, follow me” : scams of the expertise

Other scam Internet : some present themselves as real experts in their fields, and will you encourage them to blow false evidence and false testimony to subscribe to their services.

This is the case of these so-called ancient traders, or those bloggers who sell ebooks explaining how they are living from their blogs. Look for the error : they are living from their blogs by selling ebooks that explain how to live for his blog !

arnaques internet options binaires

Binary options are risky gambles : the stock does not finish to change course.

Binary options

In this same category, I have already spoken of the many blogs that make the promotion of the sites ofbinary options, based on paris stock market in the short term. These sites are dishonest (because they promise cost-boggling as it is, of course, not as simple) and often real scammers (because they don’t make ever your initial deposit) Worse still, salespeople will explain that it is necessary to bet big and that they will help you to win big. The reality is that when you win your bet, you earn some money, and when you lose it, you lose your bet. And it is here that we shall sell to you a personalised follow-up for you rejoues to recover your losses… Well, let’s see…

“You will not find this elsewhere” : scams Internet ignorance

You don’t have the knowledge or experience needed in a field to know that the offer you is made available free of charge, and it is so much the better for the scammer.

For example, a scam artist very well known on the Internet selling training of a 1000 euros to help you create your blog and start your business. Yes, a thousand euros ! It will give you plenty of arguments for you to think that it is a good investment, full of tricks to save on the operating costs of your blog and also to withdraw income from your blog by following. What you can’t say is that 95 % of the information given in this training are available free of charge on other Web sites !

If you are proposing to spontaneously lend you money, be careful !

Attention also to the proposals dishonest of loans between individuals you can receive by email or find on forums. Many crooks without scruples take advantage of people who need money in their making an offer apparently generous. The problem is thatafter you have cashed the application fees, they do not give more never new… be Aware that however, there are platforms ready to be serious. I speak of it under the corner lender in this article on loans to individuals as well as in this other article dedicated to crowdfunding, and in particular crowdlending.

The classifieds

In the category of scams out of ignorance, I also stored the scams Internet classifieds. In fact, it is, above all, ofexcessive confidence. As a buyer, you can be lured by a scammer with an article at an unbeatable price, you are asked to pay a deposit… and guess the result ! Sometimes it is more of a faker, with a pseudo-technical service or imitation of a payment platform that will downright steal your credit card details. As a seller, you can be having as well : for example, a buyer is going to pay with a cheque in wood (requires payment in full in cash !), or, as I talk about in this article, it will pretend to be PayPal with an e-mail bogus, which will confirm the payment.

arnaques internet petites annonces

With the small ads, on the internet, such as on paper, it is necessary to be wary !

“This is income automated, you have nothing to do” : scams of the money liabilities

And here is a latest type of scams Internet. It makes you believe that the method is automated and that you have almost nothing to do : nothing other than sit in your armchair and see the money !

There are actually ways to make money in an automated way, but it is at the cost of much time, work and money in advance. A musician makes money on the copyright every time one of his titles is played on the radio : it is the money automated, but it has had to provide many of the efforts to get there. But this example, which illustrates the reality of the whole passive income, it is not you, of course, will not be mentioned !

“I’m going to help you recover what you stole” : scams of the double punishment

Before concluding, I propose to you a video of the chain Taupe10 on YouTube. It is a “TOP 10 of the biggest scams on the internet”. The scam, which won the palm of dishonesty and, therefore, the first place in the rankings, this is the scam of the “reimbursement of the victims” : a scammer contacts a victim of such or such type of scam presented earlier and told him that there was a way to get his money back. He offers his help, and his so-called contacts (services serious of the gender police or justice), subject to the prior payment of a few fees, of course ! Needless to say, the victim not only will not find the money that we stole it initially, but she will then realize that it is made to have a new time…

Beware !

In conclusion, I invite you, therefore, to develop a true reflex : when you propose a good plan to earn money, be careful and make sure that this opportunity does not use, in fact, one of the types of scams the Internet described above.

Know that you can report content or conduct that is unlawful” on the website of the ministry of the interior. You can also inform you on the website of the directorate-general for competition, consumption and repression of fraud.

There are still too many people who are having.

Unfortunately, as long as we are on Earth, some of our fellowmen will we get money by any means. Some say that it is the human nature…

For my part, I prefer to tell you the truth always : on the one hand, you warn about scams the Internet, and on the other hand offer you plenty of ways to earn money, ways tested, proven and no scam !

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