The benefits of sport on health

The benefits of sport on the physical plane

– Improve the cardiovascular system and optimize the circulation of blood. The sport was first of all a function of regulating blood pressure and strengthening the heart. This is one of the main benefits of sport. In fact, the sports activity has an effect on the blood vessels (vasodilation effect), which leads the heart to beat more slowly when it is at rest and decrease fatigue. It must be said that the high-level sports, such as football players of the world cup 2018 do not have this problem with this point considering the amount of exercise they do on a daily basis.
– Participate in the maintenance of the capital muscle
We associate very often the muscle to the force. The sport allows you to increase strength and endurance, as well as the volume of the muscle. Thus, a person who practice a regular sporting activity will be a kind of protection against injuries, pain of the hip, knees or the back.
– Increase bone mass
All of us have about 208 bones in our body and when we say that the sport increases bone mass, it is not the number but rather the strength of those. The sport will therefore push cells of the psc to play an active role in the process of building bone. This action of regeneration will make it more solid bone structure and prevent osteoporosis.
– Prevent problems of the joints.
The more you exercise, the better your joints are. In fact, the sport is involved in the nutrition and mobility of the cartilages. This allows among others to prevent some joint pain and the worries of osteoarthritis.
– To promote the transit.
Athletic activity increases the pleasure of eating of course, but on this plan, it also promotes digestion and is a very good treatment against constipation.
– Enable you to breathe better.
The sport is to the breathing circuit in the following manner : the sports, such as swimming or cycling help to increase lung capacity and also helps to combat the problems of asthma.
– To obtain a fine figure and well-toned.
It is not enough to do sports from time to time to have a fine silhouette. Do it regularly in a sporting activity and you will as well calories, which will facilitate weight loss. For people who want to lose weight, opt for cardio exercises, swimming, biking, running, elliptical, etc
If you would rather develop your body, you must give priority to activities such as dance, gym, abdominal exercises to develop muscles of the buttocks, the HIIT.

The benefits of sport on the psychological level

The sport has a positive effect on the mind.
It gives a feeling of general well-being and also improves intellectual performance. In fact, the regular practice of a sport activity promotes the secretion of a hormone called endorphins which generate a feeling of pleasure and also helps to lower the stress.
– Sport improves the memory and stimulates the liveliness of the intellectual.
In addition, the sport instills in those who practice it regularly are two important qualities to know the will and tenacity.
– The sport can help you sleep better.
Importance known sport on the social plan.
In addition to teaching practitioners the educational values (courage, friendship, sincerity, honour, modesty, respect, self-control, politeness, etc) the sport also creates a social link by the sports clubs and associations.

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