The best iOS apps to increase productivity

Do you know that use an iOS app is more recommended ? It is often useful to use tools to help us gain productivity. Well manage our time and conduct our projects are all things that are meant to advance us in our work. This alone is often very difficult. These tools come to our rescue, they are in the form of iOS apps. Discover-the.

meilleure Application iOS pour Iphone recommandées

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The iOS apps for your business personal

Some iPhone applications are so useful when it comes to managing our own affairs. We even found a tutorial to know how to manage the icons of the iPhone applications. But what are these app so handy ?


It is an iOS app designed to sync and automatically back up changes made on a project. With Substask, the opportunity is offered to the user, whether in a team or alone, perform real-time constructive thoughts. Thanks to Mind Mapping, ideas are put in order. Moreover, with the help of a graph, its projects are materialised, and this, the step from idea to the realization.


The principle is almost the same as with Substask : the two applications help to self management. Except that with Evernote, notes are notes. This iOS app is the hub, and without taking account of the terminal or the format used. The uses of this tool are diverse and each one finds its account. It is for example possible to hold discussions with your employees, and organizing your writing.


Mailchimp offers you an overview of all your e-mail. This application helps you manage them effectively by bringing together in one place. With it, you’ll be better able to manage subscriber lists and send in a blink of an eye-newsletters to an unlimited number of people.


SaneBox can be combined with Mailchimp. These two applications together helps you earn more time. SaneBox does all the work for you next mail. It checks every e-mail, identifies spam and commercial messages that can be sent to you. Imagine the number of hours you can gain by installing it : office, your level of productivity is improved.

IOS Applications to work in a team

Work in team helps companies to make productivity gains. But to save time, some iOS apps are very effective. It is :


Asana is fairly simple as the tool. It allows a team work between 15 different people. Here, no need for emails to learn about the progress of the work. The application consists of several tasks broken down into projects and then tasks. The activities can be accessed in a way unlimited.


Trello is very easy to use with his paintings. The application is also well-known through its columns ” To Do, In Progress and Done “. It allows the employees to know the state of progress of the work of each and all. Maps can be developed, of any comments added.


It would not be too much to say, as to say that Slack is a comprehensive management tool. This iOS application that centralizes a number of applications used by employees. It includes as well the work that the links and the conversations made in these applications. Now, the employees observe more easily the evolution of their work. Also, threaded discussions, and private groups can be created. Slack also has a system analysis, a tool for importing documents and a search function.

IOS apps for individual work

Prezi and Murally are quite well known such as applications to handle this role is to work alone. Put our ideas in order and to proceed to a classification of our work is sometimes essential.

Prezi comes validly replace tool for PowerPoint that we know so well. It is accessible at all times and in tut place and works on the base of the cloud. This concept promotes the continuation of our presentations, regardless of whether they are started on a smartphone and finish it on a browser.

As to Murally, it is very versatile as the application. It is free of charge and help in the creation of lists, tables, help-memoirs. At any time, sounds, images, videos can also be inserted. It is totally free and easy to use the function ‘drag and drop’.

IOS apps to manage his own time

The thing is not obvious, since wasting time is often more easy than to win. Social networks are for something, our professional life is deeply affected.

Forest : Stay focused

30 minutes without touching your mobile phone ? It is possible with this application. You plant a seed in a flower pot and let it grow in 30 minutes to become a tree. When you have been able to resist and hold out until the end, you will see your beautiful tree among others in a virtual forest, of course.


With this iOS app, it is the restriction of the use. Simply insert the name of the app you want to restrict the use. You can even set it up so that your iPhone will launches a warning when you will be tempted.

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