The secret summer of Tarek Boudali

Paris Match. Council to keep the line during the summer ?
Tarek Boudali. To continue the sport, bodybuilding and boxing.

Cure for the hangover ?
I don’t drink, so I don’t have a hangover.

A galley of holiday ?
Food poisoning in Bodrum, Turkey.

Your best tip zen ?
Smoking the chicha.

Guilty pleasure ?
Smoking the chicha.

Meal light or large fooding ?
Wholesale fooding, such as a tagine.

Vacation the most memorable ?
Los Angeles. I was traveling alone and I’ve joined friends.

The story of a holiday that you tell most often ?
I got chased by a pack of stray dogs in Morocco.

Your joke of the moment ?
A turtle wants to cross a bridge. At the entrance there is a sign ” Prohibited to pass “. But she goes anyway. Why ? Because she does not know how to read.

Your biggest complex ?
My legs, I find them much too long.

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Your biggest flaw ?
I think about it too much.

Ritual prérentrée ?
Do the cleaning at home.

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