The tops Match – Natasha Poly, the “wild child” became a cover girl

A voice of honey, Natasha asks her daughter : “Mom is going to do a photo session this morning. Do you want to pose with me ? “Aleksandra,” pose with mommy ” is already part of the routine. But this morning, she sweeps the proposal a resounding ” no ” … before joining fissa the tray. Who would dare to reproach a child of 5 years ? “I thought nothing ever would be more important than my job,” says Natasha. And then my daughter arrived, and everything changed. “For her, Natasha is ready to catch the moon ; the contracts, it’s been a long time that she has to bend down to pick them up. Poly is what is called a ” super model “, the title that is attributed to models become more famous than the clothes that they wear. It is seventeen years that it lasts. Such longevity is rare in an industry that has transformed the ephemeral in art of living.

Before you run out to the catwalk, Natasha had first ran into the fields. It was in another life, when she was still called Natalya Sergeyevna Polevchtchikova and lived not far from Perm, at the foot of the Ural mountains. She was 5 years old when the USSR imploded. But the stories of her grandmother and of her father, she listened to a ear, discreet, remain engraved in his heart. “My family had lost their savings and the lack of any. To get a little bit of meat, and dad had to go hunt ! We were a family of modest means, yet my brother and I have always been pampered. “Natasha grew up in the middle of the meadows. The schoolgirl studious begins to dream of the ocean… And imagine a travel agent. “As a child, I didn’t even know that the job of a model existed. I was convinced that the girls I saw in magazines were not real. “Apply for a competition model ? She doesn’t even know what it is… His cousin, though. It is she who is the registered. Natalya, who is not even Natasha, 15 years old. And his life changes radically. She emerges victorious in the local competition.

My mother has had to lie to my father for weeks to get cover

The national final took place in Moscow. Suffice to say the other side of the world to the wild child of the campaigns of Perm. The capital captivates. “I was drawn by the fashion,” she explains in perfect English tinged with a beautiful Russian accent. “My mother has had to lie to my father for weeks to get cover. She believed in me 100 %. He was chief of police, it was unthinkable that her daughter is a model. One evening, when he returned, mum confessed everything. It was a shock, but gradually he accepted it. “The fashion world thank. Because, very soon, everything will flow to the blonde diaphanous. However, it is too tall, too skinny… Its agents are not of the same opinion. They believe in his potential and convinced him to abandon his given name – already taken by a fellow countryman, a certain Vodianova – and shorten his unpronounceable surname. Natasha Poly was born.

She had known that the winters of Russia, she discovers the gentleness of spring Italian. Milan, the most southerly of the capitals of fashion, awaits him. She was barely 16 years old, and the excitement of the adventure take place in the sorrow of exile. “I was alone, there was no telephone, I received a fax that I couldn’t read because I don’t speak a word of English or Italian. “Self-taught, the good student learns English in two and a half months. “I was studying everything carefully, I was trying to copy the gestures of the other girls,” recalls she. I bowed to the requests of photographers as an actress with a director. “But the taste of the effort is not enough to build a career… Natasha will meet the luck on his road : in the years 2000 entichent of lianas blondes with smooth hair. She is the perfect embodiment… such as Natalia Vodianova. And it will know its place.

Natasha Poly in a cover girl !

His gait is assured, and its rigorous quasi-military the hoist to the top of the poster. For seven years, it is present in all fashion weeks, sought after by the greatest fashion photographers, Patrick Demarchelier to Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz to Mario Testino. Carine Roitfeld, then editor-in-chief of ” Vogue Paris “, had predicted : “It is a cover girl ! “On the fifty-six blankets that it will be for the prestigious magazine, eight will be reserved to the French edition. Even thunderbolt for Calvin Klein, who made her his ambassador. She also becomes the face of parfums Givenchy and Gucci. And the ultimate honor : she walked for Victoria’s Secret and ask two times for the calendar Pirelli. In order to comply with the requirements of the business, Natasha has lived in Paris and New York. Today, she put her luggage in Amsterdam, the netherlands, the country of her husband, the businessman Peter Bakker. They met in Courchevel. She was 18 years old. Neither the travel nor the success, nor the pressure will have started their passion. This summer, like all the tops, she went sunbathing in Saint-Tropez and partied in Ibiza. But, now, she wants to give the scoop on his family life. And, privilege of the great, not responding to the invitations of the designers who absolutely want in their shows.

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Nothing has been able to dislodge the ” Russian Goddess “, the goddess of Russian, as it is nicknamed. Even the era of social networks will not be able to dethrone him. She speaks of the mode before Instagram with the same accents as his grand-mother about the life under Stalin : a former world, rules, ruthless, who abused shamelessly her children. Natasha wants to believe that times have changed. “In the scenes, there is less stress. All models have a message to pass on. Before, we were silent dolls. Now, people want to hear what you have to say, knowing your personality, whatever your skin colour or the shape of your body. I am happy that my daughter grow up in this time, she is going to have so much freedom ! “

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The way of Aleksandra seems to be all mapped out. Tunes smooth-talking that hide the assurance of a pro in front of the lens, a size that is promising and already three languages to his credit. But before you take up the torch, studies ! In September, Aleksandra go again on the way to school. There she will meet the smile of his mother, in one of the magazines or on billboards. Unlike the little Natasha, she already knows, and better than anyone, that this perfect figure is very real.

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