Braids DNA, the hair trend of the summer found on Instagram

HAIRSTYLE – Grazia shows you how to replicate the hairstyle is both original and sophisticated, perfect for summer.

After the braid ear of wheat, the boxer braids or braid crown, a new variant braided just made their appearance on Instagram. And we know to what point the social network is a source of inspiration in fashion and in beauty. Since several days, our news feed is flooded with publication showing a braid with a special shape and twisted reminiscent of a DNA molecule double helix, hence the name #DNAbraid.

Original and sophisticated, this braid is perfect for those who are in search of novelty in terms of hairstyle. Most of this braid is that it is possible to adapt it in function of his look : of side for a version wise, the tail-of-horse high to add a touch of glamour, or destructured for a wild and bohemian. A hairstyle that will be sure to feel as much in the evening, on the beach or at a music festival.

How to make the braid DNA ?

If this hairstyle is very aesthetic and is out of the ordinary, it does require a little technique. For a start, it is enough to divide her mane into three sections, the middle one should be a little smaller than the other. Then take a strand outside of the left section, pass it over the same section, and then bring it under the middle part of it before adding it to the right side of the hair. And vice versa for the other side. Take a small strand from the right section, pull it under the right side and then on the middle section before adding it to the left side of the hair. It is necessary to tighten every time, because the braid naturally begins to turn to the left when you get to the tips.

In other words, it is enough to make a braid ear of corn classic, but with three sections instead of two. The trick to a braid DNA successful it is not touching the central part but only to work with the two external parties. Good said like this it sounds very complicated, but based on the video and after several tries, it takes the helping hand.


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