The strange disappearance of the young Cayce in 1996 be resolved soon ?

The relatives of the Cayce McDaniel will perhaps finally be able to know the truth. A suspect in the investigation into the strange disappearance of the 14-year-old in 1996 has finally been named by the police in Milan, Tennessee. Finis Ewin Hill has been charged at the beginning of the month of July for exploitation of minors and use of the Internet to entice a minor to engage in sexual activities criminal. “One of our officers has taken the time to immerse themselves in the case of Cayce in his free time, he was also part of the working group of the FBI on missing and exploited children,” explained the agent Sellers Monday to the american press. After sorting through all the potential suspects and the elements discovered at the time, investigators were able to trace them back to Finis Ewin Hill, also known as Pete Hill. “The alibi that he gave at the time has since been debunked,” said the agent, Sellers, indicates the “Jackson Sun“.

Cayce McDaniel disappearance on August 16, 1966 after a party held at the church. It had been filed outside her home shortly after midnight, but had never then been found. Initially, his mother, Cindy, had explained to the police be returned to that night with her boyfriend at about 2 o’clock in the morning of the same evening. She had then found the rear door open and had found it in his room and cookies and milk that she was probably eating before sleeping. All the witnesses have been interviewed by the police in Milan, Tennessee. To help these last few months, investigators have a lot communicated on social networks and with the FBI. At the beginning of the month of July, the officers were finally able to rise up to the suspect, who had just cross the border of the State to participate in sexual activities illegal. “What began as a comprehensive effort in the investigation of Cayce McDaniel has managed to lead us up to a potential other victim,” explained the agent Sellers.

“We believe that people have seen Cayce this evening”

Finis Ewin Hill was sentenced in 2005 to 222 months in prison and three years of parole after pleading guilty to possession of a weapon in a case dating back to 2003. This year, he had approached a woman and attempted to assault her.

The agent who has managed to move up to the suspect in the investigation on Cayce McDaniel has created a fake account on the social networks to get in contact with him. She managed to trap him when his behaviour has become more pressing. They agreed to a rendezvous in a hotel in Mississippi, where he was finally arrested on 16 June. Now, the police hope to finally discover what happened that famous night at the teenager : “We believe that people have seen Cayce that night outside of the church, and we hope that they come to us so that we can finally bring it back to its family”.

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