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Definition of crossfit

Crossfit has been around since the 70’s. It is a registered trademark by its founder Greg Glassman in which the first center officially affiliated in 1995 is located in Santa Cruz. What is crossfit ? Crossfit is a method of functional training cross high intensity. This definition is short but it sums up in 3 characteristics, which is the essence of crossfit:

Based on overall movements, poly-articular and can be found in the daily life, in action to wear, jump, push , run, row, climb
It requires the skills of several sports disciplines , in the first place , the athletics, weightlifting and gymnastics.
The exercise or series of exercises are always performed by combining the greatest strength and the greatest speed possible

The peculiarities of the vocabulary of the training of crossfit

The vocabulary of crossfit is inspired by the concepts and technical terms of weightlifting, gymnastics and bodybuilding. Of american origin, the expressions are all in English. As well Workout means Training. Often these are simple abbreviations are used to designate the years, the methods and procedures to be used; for example the WOD is the workout of the day (Workout Of the Day). Use the formal terms of a sport such as crossfit facilitates the affirmation of identity and of belonging to a unique movement.

lexique crossfit les principaux termes employés durant l'entrainement de crossfit

Many approaches are similar to Crossfit but very few of them rely as much on the values of mutual aid and adaptability to all audiences. Talk about the “Crossfit” that is to incorporate and recognize this orientation and openness. Our lexicon, like a dictionary, class the words in alphabetical order. It is not exhaustive but it is a glossary which consists of the key phrases that you can hear for sure in a box (a room of crossfit) or read up on the whiteboard (whiteboard workout) before training.

whiteboard dans une box de crossfit

Lexicon of crossfit

Word-for-word 1RM means One Repetition Maximum and refers to the maximum load moved in a single repetition. After the warm up the 1RM is often achieved or approached (2WD or 3RM) in order to perform the Metcon following to the good intensity if we decided to the scaler. It is estimated using the mathematical formula: ((0,0333 X maximum number of repeats) + 1) X charge moved
Air Squat
Squat at body weight. Full Flexion and simultaneous of the legs, the feet being spread shoulder-width apart and toes pointed slightly outward.
abbreviation of As Many Round As Possible , in French as many rounds as possible. Make as many round as possible of the exercises specified and repetitions requested in the allotted time.
Back Squat
A squat with a bar on the back.
Bear Walk
The Bear Walk is a movement creeping exercises keeping the hips low to the height of outstretched arms and the bust horizontal. The variations, Alligator Walk , and Spider Walk required to move the knees at the level of the bust for the alligator walk, and at the level of the shoulders to the spider walk always keeping the upper body straight and horizontal, and the arms flexed or semi-flexed. These exercises solicit the cardio-respiratory and articulation coxo-femoral (hip). They are mostly performed during the Warm-up.
crossfit walks : les marches d'échauffement en crossfit
wods of reference to evaluate progress. (see Girls)
name for a gym affiliate of CrossFit.
Box Jump
Alternation of jumps in counter-top on a plan on-high (a wooden box or jump box) and down to the ground. The descent can be done without simultaneous reception of the feet. The dimensions of the jump box are standardized ; it measures 30 inches X 20 “X 24” or 760 mm x 500 mm x 610 mm. Thus we can choose three different heights to jump.
lexique crossfit box jump ou saut sur une caisse
Broad Jump
The broad jump is a jump forward with the feet at the same level. The reception on the ground is controlled, so without a fall, and is done by bending partial of the lower limbs. This jump requires the qualities ofexplosive muscle to the legs and motor coordination overall. During the phase-in aerial the bust, sloping shoulders are well forward of the vertical line passing through the basin.
broad jump en trois images saut extension vers l'avant en crossfit
Exercise combining a squat support feet to hands plank , a back body arranged in the bending of the legs and a jump.
A combination of a burpee and a pull-bar (pullup) during the jump. A variant of the burPull is the burpee target, where it is necessary to touch a target on the wall or a bar to the highest point of the jump.
BW gold BWT
Bodyweight or French weight of the body.
Calorie Row
number of calories to burn on the rowing machine.
The clean is the clean in weightlifting. This is the action that is to move vertically a bar, a Medball, dumbbell or kettlebell from the ground up to the chest in draw (or rowing) for the stabilizing support on the collar bones and the muscles deltoids. The clean can be achieved with a single load alternation to the right and to the left, with the two loads simultaneously, or with a bar weight two-handed grip. We talk about the Hang Clean if the dragged object is held, and not laid on the ground in the beginning of the exercise with arms extended below the hips with the bust slightly tilted. For the High Hang Clean – the object is at the level of the pelvis with the torso which makes the exercise more difficult because there is no back extension. Similarly, we distinguish the Power Clean where the legs are not bent during the draw, and the Squat Clean which requires a full flexion of the legs to pass under the object moved so that it is pulled up.
clean effectué d'un bras avec une kettlebell
Chest to Bar
Pull-up until the chest touches the bar.
Chin Up
pull up the hands in supination. The chin must reach the bar.
French Deadlift to Lift a weight with outstretched arms from the ground to the standing position bust right.
Literally A Dip . In early position Raised support manuals on two supports. It is necessary to Lower the body slowly until the shoulders are at the level of the elbows and then Push up by straightening the torso and extending the arms. Can be achieved by being ballasted to increase the difficulty.
Donkey Kick
In support on the hands and knees. Lift one leg towards the rear. Slowly lower and repeat on the other side.
Double Unders
Two turns of the jump rope per jump. To simplify ( scaler), you can do normal jumps (or ‘single under’) and to double the number of repetitions required.
abbreviation of ‘ Every Minute On the Minute. Every minute on the minute do the year specified. For example, for a EMOM in 10 minutes of 5 burpees and 5 pullups we did 5 burpees, 5 pullups at T+0 and then 5 burpees, 5 pullups at T+ 1’, then 5 burpees, 5 pullups at T+ 2, and so on for 10 minutes. By completing the exercises in 20 seconds, rest 40 seconds of recovery until the next minute begins. If it is not possible to complete the exercises in the minute it should reduce the repetitions or simplify technically the year requested. This method allows you to advance muscle strength and recovery. A test download and more details on this method are available on the page to Develop his muscle strength of the site “Crossfit in French”
For Time
of a treaty, without recovery and as quickly as possible.
Front Squat
Squat with a bar placed at the front of the body on the thorax at the level of the clavicles.
Benchmarks – bearing women’s names . There are 4 categories of girls: the weight of a body, with loads (kettlebell or Medballs), but without a bar, with all the expenses and finally exclusively with bars
lexique de crossfit : les girls au poids de corps
Workouts of Girls with the body weight
vocabulaire de crossfit les girls exercices avec charges légères
Workouts of Girls with KB or MedBall
dictionnaire de crossfit : les girls avec toutes les charges
Workouts of Girls with all expenses
lexique de crossfit : les girls avec barre
Workouts of Girls with bar
Hand Release Push Up
Pump (see push up) the hands are raised from the floor during a moment at the end of flexion before starting the extension of the arms.
Handstand Push-Up (HSPU)
Balance to support manual tense knocked down (possibly against a wall), bend the elbows and come down slowly until the head touches the floor, then push up until the arms are straight. A more simple way is to perform the double of the amount required in pumps of conventional.
Hang Snatch
The bar is held below the hips and is then torn off in the Snatch. See the definition of snatch.
Hip Bridge Extensions
Lie on your back with knees bent and feet on the ground. Lift the hips in full extension while keeping the trunk and buttocks contracted. Go back down slowly.
Hollow Rock
Lie on the back. Raise the legs and tips of feet outstretched a few inches off the ground. Stretch the arms above the head and raise also to a few inches, keeping them straight and close to the ears. Keep this position and rock back and forth keeping the body wrapped. This exercise is often performed during the warm-up, for example, during a sequence Tabata, coupled with the Superman.
Hollow Rock
Jumping Jacks
The exercise starts in a standing position , feet close together and arms on the side. At the same time, jump and spread the feet with the arms above the head. It then returns to the starting position always jumping and it starts all over again. The jumping jack is often included in completion routines of warm-up, either in series, that is, the time on a pace Tabata .
exercice de crossfit le jumping jack
Jumping Lunges
Starting from a position with his legs apart in the slot, jump out of a an explosive manner by reversing rapidly the position of the legs front and rear.
Big ball with a handle of Russian origin. Its other name is girya. Its weight ranges from 4 to 32 kg; 16 kg is an average weight for a man; the women’s sports will choose rather 12 kg; 8 kg is good weight for man or woman, beginner crossfit.
kettlebell de 16 kg pour un entrainement polyvalent de crossfit
Kettlebell Snatch
snatch with one arm using a kettlebell (KB).
kettlebell snatch exerice de crossfit
Kettlebell Swing
Hold the kettlebell with both hands. While keeping the bust-wrapped and the back contracted, initiating swayed by the hips to the rear, passing the kettlebell between the legs. Then, using the momentum, continue the balanced forward and up and raise the kettlebell up to eye height.
Kettlebell Swing exercice de crossfit
Knees to Elbows
Hanging from a bar, lift knees to go and touch the elbows.
The Sit
Bracket position gymnastic in which the entire weight of the body rests on the hands, with the torso supported and slightly forward, the legs stretched out in front of the body.
Front slit to Keep the body straight, step forward with one leg and touch the ground with the other knee Return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg.
Medicine Ball or MedBall
Big Balloon, filled, weighing 3 to 15 kg
Medicine Ball Clean
A clean (see definition) using a MedBall.
MetCon or Metabolic Conditioning workout
packaging metabolic. Generally, the 3rd part of the WOD after the warm-up and the technical part (skill or heavy).
Mountain Climbers
Start position push up. Bend one leg up to the elbow, keeping the other leg extended behind you. Change legs and repeat.
Muscle Up
Starting Position in suspension on the bar or rings Combination of pull-up and dip. The final position is in support of arm.
Overhead Squat
Squat with the load held above the head.
Overhead Walking Lunges
Walking lunges or lunge (see definition) while holding a weight above the head with arms outstretched.
Pistol squat
A squat to a leg.
Plank (Core Hold)
Year of cladding, Place the forearms on the floor with the elbows under the shoulders and the arms parallel to the body. In support on the feet and forearms in a straight line to keep the bust and the buttocks contracted. Do not bend at the hips.
Record staff.
Pull Up
Complete Traction bar , hands in pronation.
Push Jerk
Bar held in the end position of the Clean {see definition), to initiate a slight flexion of the legs to pass under the bar and then raise the load with arm extended above the head End at full extension of the legs.
Push Press
Bar held in the end position of the Clean {see definition) to initiate a slight flexion of the legs and extend the arms above the head.
Push Up or Pump
Place both hands on the floor shoulder-width apart, arms outstretched. The body is straight and wrapped in the support on the toes. Lower the body by bending the elbows while keeping the trunk and the buttocks contracted and the forearm at a 90-degree angle on the floor. Once the chest is in contact with the ground, extend the arms and push up into the starting position.
Rep and no-rep
Abbreviation of Repetition ; a unit of execution of a movement. A No-Rep is a performance not conforming to the rules.
Ring Dip
A dip done on gymnastic rings.
Rounds For Time to Complete the specified number of rounds as quickly as possible.
series of exercises.
to edit or adjust the charges and/or movements during a WOD.
series of repetitions of an exercise.
Shoulder Press
Military press Standing or sitting with the bar on the front of your shoulders or two dumbbells placed on each of the deltoides. Push the bar and extend the arms holding the basin-wrapped. The shoulder press is a variant easier (scalée) of the Hand Stand Push Up for people fearing the position head at the bottom of the HSPU
shoulder press ou développé militaire exercice de crossfit
Sit Up
Lie on the floor with knees bent and on the sides. Sit down while keeping the core engaged and the spine neutral.
French Skill . This is the technical Part of the workout after the warm-up and before the Metcon.
snatch in weightlifting. In taken hand wide to move the bar from the ground to the top of the head. The snatch can also be performed with a kettlebell this is the KB Snatch
flexion of the legs partial or total with or without a load.
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDHP)
Deadlift and draw to bring the bar or the kettlebell at the level of the chin.
exercice de crossfit Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDHP) soulevé de terre et tirage haut
The Superman alternates in support of ventral phase of muscle contraction-extension of the dorso-lumbar and a release phase. The extension can be maintained for a short time to work the liner back. This exercise is often performed during the warm-up, for example, during a sequence Tabata, coupled with the Hollow Rock.
superman exercice de crossfit en extension dorso-lombaire
Protocol training at high intensity for 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes.
front squat and shoulder press in chains.
Toes to Bar or T2B
In suspension to the bar, bring toes to the bar.
Tuck Jumps
Standing with knees slightly bent. Squat down into a quarter squat and then jump as high as possible bringing knees to the chest. Land with the knees slightly bent to absorb the shock and start over.
Wall Balls
The wall ball is to crouch in a low position of the squat with a MedBall and then get up and use the momentum of the leg extension to propel the ball and hit a target on the wall high of 9 or 10 feet. The reception of the ball weighted is the signal of a new repetition without any downtime.
le wall ball exercice de crossfit pour le renforcement musculaire en pliométrie
Wall Walk or wall climb
In a position to push up with the feet against a wall. Go support manual in amount gradually the feet on the wall to finish in a balanced position, head down, face against the wall and hands as close as possible to the wall.
wall walk ou wall climb en crossfit
Walking Lunge
Run a slit in front ( lunge ) and then initiate not by running a second slot with the other leg and continue.
Warm up
abbreviation for Workout of the day; It is the workout of the day. It is still new and, in principle, unknown before entering the box in order to develop the adaptive capacity of crossfitters.

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