Lily Collins on board for second season of Netflix show Emily in Paris

ACTRESS Lily Collins has verbally agreed to a deal to return for a second series of streaming hit Emily In Paris, The Sun can exclusively reveal.

Netflix bosses are “over the moon” at the reaction from audiences to the show starring Phil Collins’ daughter, according to a source.

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Lily is set to return for a second season of Emily in Paris [/caption]

They have green-lit a second series of Darren Starr’s hit show, and are days away from getting the contracts aligned, the TV insider added.

It is a quick recommission given that it is just three weeks since the show was released worldwide.

However, due to the national lockdown imposed by the French government, filming could be delayed until spring.

A Los Angeles consultant, who works with Netflix, told The Sun: “Emily In Paris is coming back. It has been a huge hit and become a talking point for the network worldwide. The show has brought such joy to people.

The show has been a hit for Netflix
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The show is a comedy drama set in Paris [/caption]

“A deal is all but signed off for Lily, who is keen to continue.

“She loved the character, script and the reaction from fans around the world.

“Things could not have gone better as they’d planned ideas for a second season.

“The hope is that they will film in spring if lockdowns are lifted to have the series ready by October.”

Recently Lily said she is not concerned about being in the spotlight with “her career going to the next level.”

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It follows the life of Emily, an American who moves to Paris to work at a marketing firm[/caption]

While her father has endured many personal issues – including a bitter legal battle with his ex wife Orianne Cevey, she says she has learned from his experiences.

The daughter of rock star Phil says that he, her new fiance Charlie McDowell and friends make sure she is kept grounded.

The 31-year-old said in an interview on Sirius XM: “Personally it’s I grew up in a family that was already privy to highs and lows, to compliments as much as bad reviews.

“I grew up knowing what was coming but still putting myself in the position to go through it all and not being afraid of that or letting it be a deterrent to stop doing what I love.

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Emily says her loved ones keep her grounded [/caption]

“Truly being surrounded by my fiance, friends and family and people that will call me out and keep things real and keep me grounded. I want to do that for my friends and I hope and expect to do that for me.

“So keeping this normalcy around what I do. What I do is not my life. It is part of my life. We just got back from a road trip and we have been doing those a lot, because getting out and exploring and being inspired in other ways and trying to hold tight to nature and what is bigger than ourselves – not making my job the only thing that I think about.

“That is not the real world. It is making sure I keep that mentality,

“I am so excited and love what I do that I want to keep that positive feeling around work, and not something that I dread or they get negative.”

The Sun reached out to Netflix and a rep for Lily Collins.


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