Indonesia is in ruins after the terrible earthquake of Lombok

The Earth trembled and shook in Lombok. 98 dead, more than 209 injured and thousands of buildings damaged… In the aftermath of the earthquake of magnitude of 6.9 and a depth of 10 kilometres struck Indonesia, rescuers tried to find survivors amid the rubble. “The roads have been damaged, three bridges have also sustained damage, some places are difficult to access and we do not have enough staff,” said a spokesman of the national Agency for disaster management, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, adding expect that the balance sheet continues to increase.

Hundreds of wounded

The earthquake has caused panic among tourists and the local population. Hundreds of wounded bearing traces of blood were treated outside of a hospital damaged in Mataram, the main city of Lombok very much affected by the earthquake. Other patients were lying on beds and being cared for by doctors in combination of blue. Relatives upset rushed with members of their families in front of the main clinic of Mataram, while the staff struggled to care for hundreds of patients.

The powerful tremor erupted a week after a first earthquake on July 29, which resulted in 17 dead on the same island. Indonesia, an archipelago of 17 000 islands and islets, is located on the “ring of fire” of the Pacific, where tectonic plates, a source of frequent seismic activity.

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