Line of Duty’s Vicky McClure caused ‘carnage and screaming’ on wild night out with fans at sports bar

LINE of Duty star Vicky McClure recalled the carnage that ensued on a wild night out with fans.

The DI Kate Fleming star went to a sports bar with her fellow cast members Adrian Dunbar, 62, and Martin Compston, 36, and all hell broke loose when they were spotted.


Line of Duty star Vicky McClure recalled a wild night out at a sports bar with her co-stars[/caption]

The long-awaited sixth season of the cop drama is set to begin on Sunday night and viewers will hope the team will able to unveil the mysterious ‘H’.

The wildly popular cast spoke with TV Mag and Vicky, 37, revealed their funniest encounter.

She reminisced: “Before we shut down, me, Adey and Martin went to a sports bar in Belfast, and everything was still open, and it was carnage.

“Everybody’s just really excited and they just want to tell you that they’re fans of the show and scream Adey’s lines at us.”


Vicky said fans were screaming Ted Hasting’s lines at them[/caption]


Vicky remained tight-lipped when she was asked if she was the fourth member of ‘H’[/caption]

Superintendent Ted Hastings came under fire in series five as speculation was rife that he was ‘H’.

The trailer for the new series showed Kate in a worrying position as she was shown with her hands up, while Ted said: “You’ll be treated fairly, with the full protection of the law.”

In reference to the teaser, McClure was asked if she was the fourth member of ‘H’, and her response was: “Ha ha! Well, what a question? How do I answer that? I’m not going to answer it! Just going to keep schtum, I think.”

The This Is England star also elaborated on if she thinks fans want to hear spoilers ahead of the show.


The new series of Line of Duty begins this Sunday on BBC One[/caption]

She explained: “I don’t think they do to be fair. I think people quite enjoyed the fact that not only do we not drop all the episodes at once, which is, you know, quite old fashioned now that it gives people the chance to build up the suspense, work it out for themselves have all these theories?

“You know, what, because of social media, it’s a great platform for everybody to share their thoughts.”

The actress added: “You know, for people to throw those sort of like, are you ‘Ah, are you this’ and, you know, the trailer that we’ve dropped is a big trailer, like that is a quiet, you know, sort of for the first thing to say if the first thing is it’s got all kinds of questions in it.”

“So, yeah, I think we’re just enjoying playing with people in that way. Probably.”

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