Lion of London Bridge who fought off jihadis in 2017 vows terrorists will never defeat his city

THE Millwall fan hailed as the Lion of London Bridge after he fought off jihadis in 2017 last night vowed terrorists will never defeat his city.

Roy Larner, 50, also praised the public who stepped in yesterday and said they deserved medals for their actions.


Armed cops shot dead the terrorist on London Bridge[/caption]

Nick Obank – The Sun

Roy, dubbed the Lion of London Bridge for his actions in 2017, vowed: ‘They will not defeat us’[/caption]

He added: “The terrorists are messing with the wrong people when they attack London Bridge. We have much stronger spirit than they do and will take on anybody who dares to spread their hatred here.”

Roy, of Peckham, South London, was stabbed as he tackled the extremists who killed eight in 2017, yelling: “F*** you, I’m Millwall.”

He was at Borough Market an hour before yesterday’s attack and said: “I’m still struggling with flashbacks . . . but I wouldn’t have thought twice about piling in again if needed.”

He said: “I put up a fight in 2017 and others have shown true bravery and selflessness by doing the same yesterday.

“The heroes deserve a medal for rushing towards a man armed with knives and a suicide belt. They are acting for the greater good.

“Sadly some members of the public died and our thoughts are with them and their family.

“But thankfully the police were on scene super-quick and gave the attacker what he deserved – saving the lives of others in the process.

“The people who work and live around London Bridge will not be cowered and will return to normal life again today and tomorrow.

“They have got through this together once before and will do so again.

“We should all now show our support for local businesses by continuing to shop in the shops and Borough Market and drink in the pubs.

“It is the strong community spirit that helps London Bridge and Borough Market thrive.”

Roy added: “I was only in the area an hour before yesterday’s attack, seeing some friends at the market.

“I feel lucky that I left when I did and not get caught up in it.

“I’m still struggling with flashbacks and need physiotherapy. The horror of yesterday’s events will likely make things worse.

“But I wouldn’t change what I did in 2017 and wouldn’t have thought twice about piling in again yesterday if needed.

“When you find yourself in the heat of the moment you do not necessarily think about the risks – you just want to stop it.

“You only realise the scale of the moment when it passes.”

Roy Larner, who got stabbed during his struggle to take down jihadis in 2017, has praised the bravery of passersby
Simon Jones – The Sun
Members of the public pinned down the terrorist on London Bridge on November 29
A brave man prised the knife out of the attacker’s hand and removed it from the scene
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The Sun


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