List Of “Fun Funeral Facts” Has Some Reconsidering Their Burial Plans

What’s the longest grudge you’ve ever held against your spouse? Not just a playful reminder now and then, but a legitimate, infuriating grudge? Even 2 years is an insane amount of time. Not if you ask Prince Henrik of Denmark, 2 years is easy. For him, the grudge he held against his wife has been boiling for 45 years. Henrik de Monpezat served in the French army during the Algerian war and in 1962 he

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Getty Images / Frank Shamrock – Facebook

Frank Shamrock, at one time the #1 ranked MMA fighter in the UFC, is being criticized on social media after seemingly admitting to abandoning his mother’s dog at a Dallas airport.Earlier this month, Shamrock revealed in a Facebook post that he was seeking a new home for his mother’s two dogs “as she can’t care for them anymore.”While one of the dogs was put in a shelter, Shamrock was still

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Princess Javier – Flickr

A family from the U.K. are getting a lot of attention for a recent ad they posted on the internet. While classified ads searching for a new nanny are not unusual, the eye-popping salary and job requirements these parents included definitely make their position stand out.The listing for work as a part-time nanny in Brookmans Park, U.K. features an admittedly “unusual request” for someone who will dress up as a Disney princess

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congerdesign – Pixabay / Fshoq!

Eating healthy is not easy.You could make the effort to cook a balanced meal at home, cut down on junk food, and buy plenty of fruits and vegetables. But how many of us think to look into what’s on the healthy produce we buy?Apples ranked among the produce with the most pesticide residue in EWG’s study.PixabayEach year, the activism group Environmental Working Group lists the 12 fruits and vegetables they

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Vincent Browning – Facebook

The world is getting easier for pet parents in recent years, as more stores and businesses welcome all creatures great and small to shop with their owners.You can get a Puppuccino for your dog at Starbucks, and major chains like Home Depot, Pottery Barn, and Macy’s welcome animals in some of their stores.The most inclusive businesses of all are pet stores like Petco, which brags that all pets on a leash are

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Senior Airman Austin Harvill – U.S. Air Force / USDA

It’s time again to open up your freezer and check for the latest recalled product. This time, Tyson frozen chicken strips are the subject of a major, nationwide recall.The chicken maker announced that over 69,000 pounds of their frozen chicken strips could contain pieces of metal, prompting a voluntary recall of bags shipped to major stores from coast to coast.Almost 70,000 pounds of Tyson chicken strips are being recalled.USDAThe

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