Little People’s Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel ignored on 25th birthday amid family feud as fans say ‘she deserves better’

LITTLE People, Big World star Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel was ignored on her 25th birthday amid an ongoing family feud as fans say “she deserves better.”

Jacob, 23, and Isabel have not been seeing eye-to-eye with his brother Jeremy, 30, and his wife Audrey, 28, over their differing political views.


Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel celebrated her 25th birthday but was only publicly messaged by Janae[/caption]

And now fans have flocked around Isabel after Janae K – Jeremy’s close friend when he had broken up from Audrey – was the only person to publicly send her birthday wishes.

Redditors rushed to show their support for Isabel, who has spoken out about her issues with depression.

One user wrote: “She’s my favorite too and she deserves better.”

Another added: “Its [sic] so sad that none of them posted anything. Izzy is so nice to all of them.”


Redditors rallied around Isabel to show their support[/caption]


Fans thought it was sad the family didn’t send birthday wishes[/caption]

The rallying from fans came after Isabel posted an image Janae had sent her for her birthday which described her as a “remarkable human.”

The post read: [sic] “It’s one of my favorite humans birthdays today! She has walked with me through very difficult seasons & always remained steadfast in her love and support.

“She is kind & fierce & beautiful & talented & all things lovely. She is real & raw about the hard things in life.”


Isabel and Jacob are a strong couple in the midst of family fighting[/caption]

Janae continued: “She calls the people around her to love deeper & purer.

“You are a remarkable human, Isabel. Happiest Birthday Sister! Love you forever.”

Isabel replied: “Love you Janae!!!”

Isabel recently sent out a cryptic message on social media about how the long-running feud with Jeremy and Audrey has left her feeling anxious.


Jacob’s liberal views have clashed with the politics of his brother Jeremy and his wife Audrey[/caption]

She wrote on her Instagram Stories: “Hi. I needed some space from this space. My anxious breathing happens on & off.

“Different things trigger it but honestly interactions with people on here can send me spiraling and make my anxiety worse more than anything.”


Jeremy and Audrey have been feuding with Jacob and Isabel for years[/caption]

She concluded: “An obvious sign I should pull back. Just going to take it day by day – love y’all.”

Her post last month came after she wrote on Instagram last year, “you’re only as pretty as you treat people” amid her feud with sister-in-law Audrey.

Jacob unfollowed Audrey after years of disagreements over politics.


Tori Roloff was recently slammed for hosting a birthday party during the pandemic[/caption]

Audrey, who has a Christian blog and podcast, reposted her brother’s video about unity amid the George Floyd protests to her Instagram Stories.

Jacob – who has showed his support for Black Lives Matter by attending multiple protests with Isabel – called the video “police propaganda” and said it was “not activism.”

Audrey posted the next day that she was “weathering a shame storm.”

Jacob also appeared to slam Jeremy and Audrey’s apparent support for Donald Trump.

He tweeted in June: “I, too, am embarrassed to be related to Trump voters.”

Jacob had been feuding with Jeremy and Audrey for years before their explosive online fights.


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