Delivery of fresh products : 5 websites that are live small business

PRACTICAL LIFE – new services couriers are the link between consumers and local businesses… or to neighborhoods further away.

We know the sites of delivery of cooked dishes, those brands in the retail, those who deliver everything you want in the hour (Urb-it, Glovo), but now the small merchants have not been left out. Not the time to make the tail in the cheese maker, the fishmonger or the butcher around the corner ? You can place an order via your smartphone and get delivered directly at home, battery at the time when you get back to the office. If make a living for small businesses has never seemed so easy, he will have to put the price… review of some of the actors in the sector (our selection is far from being exhaustive !).

Epicery. The pitch ? “Your shop at your merchants of the district, delivered within the hour”. This app (IOS and Android), which lists more than 300 shops (butcher, fishmonger, cheese shop, grocery…) in Paris, petite couronne, in Lyon and Villeurbanne practice the same prices as those displayed in store. Nevertheless, it is necessary to order for at least € 20 per trade. Then, the delivery is charged 2,90 € by retailer (+€1.50 for an express delivery within the hour) or 4,90 € if you live beyond a radius of 2.5 km. Service offered from 8: 30 to 20: 30 and even on Sunday for the traders are open on that day.

It is Cool. Four childhood friends from a parisian suburb, “which have seen the small traders in the city centre do vampiriser by a large surface have created this delivery service velo rating in 2016. Available for the moment in Paris, there are a hundred signs… who offer their products at the same prices than in the store. Only requirement : purchase at least 10 € per trade. Here, it is the amount of the total order (in various retailers) who sets the price of the delivery. Count of 6.7 € for a race less than 40 €, 5,20 € between 40 and 80 € and 3.2 € over 80 €. The hours are more restricted : 12 noon – 12: 30 or 18h – 20h in the evening with a niche of 30 minutes. No delivery on Sunday.

Nelio. The positioning of this app wants to be more slightly more upscale, since it highlights among these 200 traders “of the Best Workers of France, institutions, delicatessens (…)”. Delivery to bike every day in Paris and Lyon on the opening hours of the shops. The price ? 2,90 € by traders unless they belong to the same delivery area (for example, Les Halles in Lyon).

Cream. Launched in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, this delivery service of the best traders of the neighborhood now extends in the 8th, 9th, and 17th. From Tuesday to Saturday, order before 17 hours on the platform, before being delivered to your home between 18 and 22h. Ideal for assets that end up late ! Delivery you will be charged 5 € (regardless of the number of businesses) for a total basket of a minimum of 15 €.

The fish Peacock. Unlike the previous services, this is an e-shop directly mounted by a trade in the historic town of Nantes, fishmonger, six generations (1796) ! This is where the chef Pierre Gagnaire supplies for his restaurant in paris. By ordering before noon, we deliver the next morning in the whole of France on a plateau of sea fruit, scallops, fish, ultra-fresh emptied, flaking, put in net. If the proposed rates are advantageous (24,90 € the rich plateau of fruit de mer for one person, 4,90 € for a kg of mussels of bouchot), it is necessary to add 9,90 € delivery chronofresh. There need to be numerous or order not bad for this to be interesting !


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