Book : a history of betrayals under the Fifth

The epilogue of the historian Jean Garrigues is no doubt. “It is parricide or adultery, succession, competition, empowerment or ambition, and most often times, the betrayal is, therefore, the thread of political life in the Ve Republic, because it is a step indispensable for the ascent to the heights elysian,” he wrote. All is said. In addition, the traitors have all been betrayed in their turn.

60 years of betrayal

Summary : Georges Pompidou has betrayed general de Gaulle ; georges Pompidou was betrayed during the affair Markovic ; Jacques Chirac betrayed Valéry Giscard d’estaing, then Edouard Balladur and Nicolas Sarkozy will betray the ex-mayor of Paris. The list is a long one, and one only needs to read these stories with pleasure until the traitors of the current quinquennium : Edouard Philippe Bruno The Mayor, passing by Gérald Darmanin, returned by a Emmanuel Macron wielding himself the dagger against François Hollande. With this collective work is very successful, it revisits, sixty years of betrayal.

“The Republic traitors”, under the direction of Jean Garrigues, ed Tallandier

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